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Thread: Sharpeneset knife sharpener for sale

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    Sharpeneset knife sharpener for sale

    This is a very expensive sharpener that I need to sell to raise a bit of cash,here is a link to show you the actual selling price........


    I shall add a video of the actual machine in due course(still waiting for it to upload)so you can see and hear how well and smoothly it works,it really is in tip top condition and as new and I am looking for 180.00 posted and as you can imagine it won't be cheap to post.

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    IF you use a third party courier agency type firm you can get up to 30KG uplifted for about 9-10


    AVOID Parcel2go & ANY use of Yodel as the delivery company

    Have had very good results with "collectmyparcel"

    ...when I saw this ad I thought you'd be all over this!! Good luck...

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    Sold already subject to funds,but if it falls through Dougster I will contact you mate as i just live up the road.


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