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Thread: Doe box.

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    Doe box.

    Hi im going too make a raised doe box.

    How high should i make it to the floor level.

    Its my first one so any help would be great.

    cheers kev.

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    Depends on the terrain where you intend to site it.
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    thanks its on a flatish young plantation.

    cheers kev

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    just look at your ground and determine where the deer usually come from then build it to give you a good shot into a backstop/ ground it can be anything from less than a mtr off ground to 2mtr its entirely dependant on your ground and distance you want to shoot . at the end of the day its only a hide to give you a safe shot from, atb wayne
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    Thanks mereside as u say il need to a bit more homework.

    cheers kev.

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    Remember you need to consider the wind, where does it come from most of the time


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    Thanks for the help lads.

    Cheers Kev.
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