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Thread: Replacement Glass for Pecar

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    Replacement Glass for Pecar

    If I wanted glass on a Pecar scope 45mm would it be possible and at what cost,



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    Probably be easier to buy a replacement pecar scope and keep your one for spares
    as most damaged scopes I hav seen were fetching 100+ and one in good working order was about 150
    just not sure how easy it will be to change the glass thou
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    Just taken mine apart.... Bit like a land rover bolt on , bolt off
    just put an add up in the wanted and see where you go... Some one must hav an old damaged lying about in a draw or box some where

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    If you trust the post, send it down to me. I'll have my lens makers measure it and price you up a new one on German glass (good quality). These guys grind my lenses to order and are very reasonable. It does make me squirm when I hear all the guff about how expensive lenses are.

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