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Thread: Bit of a long shot

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    Bit of a long shot

    Can anyone help please, I need a Wickes 18v 2.0 amp battery for cordless drill, apparently Wickes (local) no longer stock them and no longer shown on website, so wondering if anyone has 18v 2.0 amp that is laying around after drill expired or a spare they have no use for.

    Happy to pay good price for your trouble.

    Please pm me if you can help

    Thanks WB.

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    Don't know if a 1.5ah one would do, but have a look on eBay that well known auction site, for item: 200824593076

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    If you can't find one and assuming you've got an old knackered battery pack, it's often not too difficult to rebuild the old pack using new cells. I managed it with Bosch 14.4v battery packs, with the new cells costing about 25. You'll need a nice big soldering iron and some time though! There are tutorials on youtube.

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    Thanks for the replies chaps, have been on Wickes site already and they only supply the smaller batteries 1.5ah that do not fit my tools.

    Soldering.... whats that then? lol lets not go there.

    Been trawling e*ay for some time, again only newer 1.5ah batts available.

    Did get a call from Wickes customer services this afternoon with a number for Draper tools who apparently supplied Wickes with the original batteries.

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    So not ALL of their stuff has "Their" name on it then?......... I would go with the cell re build option described earlier.
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    +1 on rebuilding the battery pack, cut the old battery pack open, you can get the cells from the
    RS catalogue, or maplins, if you dont fancy doing the soldering find somone who can, it will be much cheaper than buying a new pack
    cheers Geoff

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    maplin. cheap cells and cheap soldering iron.
    if you slip one of the counter geeks a tenner he will probably do it for you in his spare time!!

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    Thanks for advice re cells, will try Drapers in the morning to see how much a battery will cost. If its horrendous I will go down the replacement cell route.

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    my drill died 2 18 volt batts not sure if they 2amp its a premier drill can take a photo and text if you like
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