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Thread: How to fix Harris bipod to Sauer 200

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    How to fix Harris bipod to Sauer 200

    Does anyone know how it's done and what "special" overpriced piece of kit I need to buy to make it happen, or will a couple of cable ties and some No More Nails do the job adequately ?



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    Assuming you have the same Sauer Sling stud that goes on the 202, I think you would be better to put a conventional stud under the forend. Due to the very slim nature of the wood on Sauer's it is best to drill a clearance hole through, and put a nut and washer on the inside of the wood rather than using the wood screw type of sling swivel. I can photograph mine if it helps? I made my own sling stud on a lathe, filed the flats on either side and cut a 2BA thread on it. (Only used 2BA as those are the dies I have available). Not experienced any problems,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so far,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,in five years.

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    i recently had to fit a stud to my 202 synthetic, it was a straightforward job. I used a machine screw type stud and counter sunk the inside of the hole to reduce the height of the receiving nut and to increase the clearance


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    As above. Loads of clearance between foreend and barrel so room for a normal sling stud with nut behind.

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    I asked Sauer if there was a method of attaching a Harris bipod to their 202's and the answer was no. Also checked the Harris accessory range and there is no such device. Finally gave in and had a stud fitted.....which I didn't want to do as it spoils the look of the rifle.


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    I thought there was an adaptor that fits the accuracy international bipod copies that would fit the sauer sling attachment,maybe wrong though

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    Thanks to all for their advice and comments - especially buckup for photos and stalker.308 for the solution. Problem now solved with a purpose made stud


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    Sorry to open an old thread but I have the same dilema on my 202. Any photo's advice would be greatully received. Currently using a Vanguard mini tripod and not getting on with it.
    Sauer 202 in 243 and 308/Ruger 22-10/Sako Trg-22 and lots of 12g

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    Pm stalker 308. He had the correct connection for mine and hopefully he might have some left. Basically it's a normal stud but with a metal "bar" that fits inside the forend to give it more strength - Ideal solution



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    Sounds a top solution for any overly thin forend as there can't be too many feelings as sickening as sudden lightening of load followed by a crack as 4Ks worth of rifle smacks against a tree stump.

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