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Thread: Automatic stops?

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    Automatic stops?

    Alright, bit off a strange 1

    L'm wondering if anyone has experimented with automatic type stops on there shoot days. I'm thinking about thoose orange fashing light typre things off motorways or anything else i havenae thought off, althou generally i think ur better with a quiet constant noise rather than a flashing light.

    Basiclly i run a small walk 1 stand 1 syndicate and 1 or 2 drives might benifit from putting a stop in place, but we cannae really spare a man out off beating team and also waste too much time by time the stop walks into the stop position and then from the stop position to the gun line whwere he should be standing.

    Has anyone experimented with anything that u could put out first thing in morning/lunch time that should help to hold birds in drive without commiting a man. I have used swelling lines (althou generaly for flushing more than holding) thinking off something that possibly flashes but also makes a noise/clicking sound to keep birds in the drive.

    Anyone any ideas and feel free to think outside the box as also got a few very handy boys in syndicate who could adapt something to suit. cheeers

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    Save yr cash and pay a stop chap stops can move and alter position at an instant ,a good stop and some sewling worth it's wait in gold.

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    u are totally right, but we dinae have beaters on the shoot as beat for oppisate team so if were putting a stop in 3 drives in advance it gets complicated swapping over or someone misses a stand, or even 2 drives in advance stop would have to walk back to gun line after beaters were in which would slow the day up and someone would moan about the extra walking.
    I realise any idea or device will never be as good as a person but at least i ken it's in the right place if i put it there, which is not always the case otherwise no matter how stright forward it seems to me.
    Plus i would be hoping to scrounge wot ever u come up with, we're jist a wee cheapy syndicate and not a lot off money floating about, owt for nowt tends to be our motto

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    Dinae put yourself down Stuart, it's a nice little syndicate with a good group of guys.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    It will never replace a stop but try a line of sewling put it out on the morning of shoot and lift as soon as possible

    will probably work for the first couple of shoots but they will get used to it.

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    As Bogtrotter said put your sewlling out on the morning of the shoot that should do the job. I made mine up with strips of plastic feed bags tied on to baler cord, the plastic rattles and will do the job. Again as BT says, pick it up as soon as possible after the day.
    I found this worked for me all season.

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    Ditto the sewelling or better still rope in the services of a wife or child of one of the guns.


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    I know wot ur saying about the sewelling, but the people who come to beat/shoot are coming for the craic work there dogs and to enjoy the day so i would feel bad telling someone to wait somewhere tapping his stick or moving sewelling and possibly not seeing them for an hour or 2+. I can mind when a young lad being dropped off with the pensioners early in morning to stand in a ditch/hedge and put a tap on if birds came, i used to hate it. Still go to the same estate and a few off the old boys are still going and standing in similar places, althou not fit enough to walk out to them now.
    But it was amazing how u could turn birds with even a putting very quiet tap on.
    Also with the sewelling i think the birds would come fairly close to it and if some banging elsewhere (hopefully be some ) it might jist lift them over it and out the drive rather than hold them in it.

    My outside the box thinking was more somehow attaching/hotwireing some sort off 6v bleeper/buzzer/clicker to the warning light so in theory it should buzz/bleep when ever the light flashes? In theory in my head it should work? Althou possibly a radio inside an upside down bucket might work too
    And hopefully the strange intermittant noise would keep the birds a bit further away, but would still have the visual flash possibly even combine wi a sewelling.

    Has anyone else tried anything like this and does my thoery make sense to anyone else or is it jist a brain fart


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    Quote Originally Posted by bogtrotter View Post
    It will never replace a stop but try a line of sewling put it out on the morning of shoot and lift as soon as possible

    will probably work for the first couple of shoots but they will get used to it.
    Hes got the perfect man for the job in the shoot Boggy.........


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    Cheers mike, i forgot u had been out, it is a good bunch off boys and pretty good ground for the dogs but were still very small scale. It doesnae stop us enjoying it any less thou, infact quite the oppisate u appreciate it more.

    How's ur young wire gettin on? Hard work, seen a nice photo of it a while back

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