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Thread: Acculab VIC - 123 scales

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    Acculab VIC - 123 scales

    I have a set of Acculab Vic -123 scales for sale. Weighs up to 100g in 0.001g increments. I have had these scales from new and just received them back from servicing. Manual is included in the sale and it's easy to set the scales to read in grains as the readout in the picture shows.

    Looking for 160 posted ono. Note these are for sale elsewhere. Thanks JCS
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    I had a PM about the scales. I bought the scales in late 2007, and I had them serviced about this time last year. I sent them to Acculab for checking a couple of months ago, but they did not need any work doing on them. On both occasions Acculab did the checks for free.

    Regards JCS

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    Do you still have the scales for sale?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reado View Post
    Do you still have the scales for sale?
    Yes, the scales are still for sale. Regards JCS

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    Whats your best price for them delivered to Dorset?

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