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Thread: Funny shooting tales

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    Funny shooting tales

    If anybody has any,post them

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    First buck with my .308 earlier this year, took the shot scope punched me in the eye and gave me a shiner , got the buck though !

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    I had a buck early in the season and thought I could clear the ream and the ground gave way as I powered off and ended up in black stagnant water up to my family jewels,this isn't the first time either

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    I had not got my 22-250 long,zeroed it in,went lamping,we saw a fox and I kept missing it,a hd about 5 shots at it,I kept aiming high not being familiar with how flat they shoot,my mate and I were laughing are heads of even more every miss,I dint get to fire another we were laughing that much

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    Talked to a mate why bought an addon nv unit for bunny bashing which I recommended. Phoned me up telling me how crap it was. So in order to find out why it was so bad I asked some questions.
    So what's wrong with it?
    It doesn't work.
    When I connect to the scope.
    So what's it like when u use it as a monocular.
    Great works really well.
    So it doesn't't work when you attach it to the scope.
    Have you tried turning on the laser?

    problem sorted
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acm View Post
    First buck with my .308 earlier this year, took the shot scope punched me in the eye and gave me a shiner , got the buck though !
    Well known phenomenon, generally known as Weatherby eyebrow.

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    I was out with the same mate another evening,he kept falling over,one of the falls he was getting over a barbed wire fence and it snapped and he fell strait on his face and his 22-250 stuck in the ground like a spear,he fell down 5 times that night,when we got back to his 4x4 I said there is no way your driving me home

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    Another many of you had the same happen,up real early,I've driven for 10 minutes and realised I had left the rifle at home

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    There is a few of mine to get the thread started

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    I once watched a very good friend of mine from a high tower stalk for about 15 minutes a few fields away a broken branch in the hedge back , then to see him get close and realise what it was and see it all through my binos, i took the mick out of him for years.

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