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    Hi all been looking at various threads regarding buying binoculars on a budget, im also on a budget and took some advice from a friend and brought a pair of zeiss 7x50 jenoptem for 45 on ebay then sent them off to be serviced for under 50, so got a good if a little dated pair of zeiss binoculars for under a 100. i looked at all the other budget end binos from minox,bushnell ect ect and i dont think they even compare to these old zeiss jenoptems so i reckon if your looking for some bins for stalking the old jenoptems have got to be worth a look if you dont have hundreds and hundreds to spend

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    Well done Mate.
    Where did you send them? I have 2 pairs that ought to be tested and serviced.


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    I sent them to actionoptics in southampton if you google it it will come up

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