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Thread: sparrow hawk !!!!!!

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    sparrow hawk !!!!!!

    i was out stalking with my son of eight tonight when we spied a buck about two hundred yards away ,we crept up to a large mound of top soil dumped in field and climbed on top of it to get a good view of buck . We lay down on top of soil and waited for buck to present itself for a shot ,lying quiet and still i was pointing out buck to my son when a sparrow hawk flew from my left hand side and landed on my back and if it wasnt for my son giggling in amazement i think it could have sat there for quite a while . i couldnt believe what had happened has this ever happened to anyone before ??? luckily we didnt spook buck and two minutes later buck presented itself about 120 yard s and a clean shot to heart killed it quick and myself and son were of to collect, when we got to fallen buck five minutes later after i had explained to my son to wait for movement etc we found a small frog sitting on bucks chest beside bullet hole and my son asked if frog was the bullet !! he still has alot to learn but he is very keen and i enjoy teaching him what i have picked up over the years and hope he will follow in my footsteps into the world of shooting .

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    Thats a nice memorable outing... had a few close encounters, some too close, some I dont even tell anyone as they would no-doubt call me a liar haha

    I also have a young son, who is enjoying what he has seen so far, out shooting, fishing, and camping with the dogs.

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    Me and a client spent 25 mins watching an eagle trying to dive bomb a sheep off a cliff, interesting thing was we where 20ft from the sheep hiding behind a rock. it finaly gave up and landed on the rock we where hiding behind, not sure who got the biggest fright when it noticed us sitting eating our peice.

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    I've had a sparrow hawk stoop at one of my pigeon decoys before. He flew off most disgruntled when it transpired he'd dived on a plastic shell.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    A few years ago I was fishing, I'd just cast a bait out and was holding the rod and a kingfisher landed half way up the rod. It sat there for a couple of seconds and was gone..

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    One of my shooting buddies had a barn owl land on his head when we were out foxing, they just love the squeak, frightened the living daylights out of him!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyR View Post
    One of my shooting buddies had a barn owl land on his head when we were out foxing, they just love the squeak, frightened the living daylights out of him!!
    Last monday I was in a high seat waiting for a deer when charly apeared 200yds away so I started squeaking and a barn owl swooped down to within a couple of feet of me, I could feel the wind of its wings on my face.

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    Had a robin once sat on the end of my moderator for about 15 minutes while sat in a high seat. I'm sure it knew I was there but it just continued preening it's self before moving on. Wingy

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    I'm sure there will be many, many of us who've had similar close encounters with wildlife! After all it comes hand in glove with spending time in the country side wearing the clothing we do and being still for any period of time. I've had quite a few myself (too many to mention) but here are a few which will stay with me forever....
    One day while sitting in a hide in a hedgerow decoying pigeons, I became aware of a quiet rustling noise to my left and on looking down couldn't help but giggle at the sight of a Stoat no more than six inches from my boot dragging one of my shot woodies in reverse out the side of my hide!! The little fella was so brazen, within five mins he was back for another one! Didn't let him get away with grand theft twice but couldn't bring myself to make him pay the ultimate price. I wonder what the rest of you would have done???
    Another time I was stood next to my local river in the evening, up against an under-cut bank wearing my shooting gear but waiting for a spin for the Bass on the incoming tide. The next thing I know, the first Otter I had ever seen climbed out of river next to me shook itself off, had a good scratch and slipped back below the surface as quick as it had arrived. I had splash marks on my boot from it's shaking! Has anyone else had such a close view of a wild Otter? I bet many have.
    Last but not least, while crawling through some long grass trying to get a better view of a Fox I had seen, I lifted my head slightly and was greeted with tips of another Fox's ears no more than four feet in front me. Needless to say I was rumbled and didn't end up getting either of them!
    Hope a few have enjoyed reading my ramblings, and I look forward to hearing more of yours....

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    Many years ago i took a group of my friends out to watch a badger sett. they had never experience anything like this before so were really excited. anyhow this sett wasnt lived in ( by badgers anyhow) there was a set of 3 fox cubs in there.

    one of the cubs sniffed its was along the track to where we were hidden (we were down wind) and then bold as brass bit the boot of the guy on the end. he sh2t himself!!!
    Big bloke... but outta shape

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