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Thread: Is there any sence in the world

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    Is there any sence in the world

    Anyone who knows me will know I live next to a level crossing.
    The level crossing is one entrance to the local farm the other entrance is through a low bridge which when it rains gets flooded.

    Last night at 5.30 I let my dogs out for there evening run, this is when all the reason in life goes to ****.

    At the same time as I let my dogs out one of the lads had opened the crossing gates to let 2 horses and riders across the line.

    The correct way to do this is to phone the signal box and ask if there is a train coming and if there is no train coming then you open the gates,but not last night the person opened the gates and then pnoned the signal box, just as the person in the signal box answered the phone the train that was traveling at 60mph and my 10 month old lab pup met on the level crossing, it was no contest and I now have one very dead lab.

    I have trained labs for 35 years and this dog had more potetial than any other dog I have ever owned.

    So today life for myself Keith and my partner Jackki is TOTAL *****.

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    What a dreadful way to lose a dog. Really feel for you.

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    So sorry to read of this tragedy. You have to try to think of the pleasurable times you had with that talented youngster, make an enormous fuss of your surviving dogs to help them grieve too and slowly things will improve. K

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    Wow, that is such sad news
    Loosing a dog is hard enough let alone loosing one in this way
    Really feel for you both

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    Total ignorance but sadly won't bring your dog back. Tough day feel for you and just given my old boy a big hug.

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    sorry to here that
    I`m afraid when i die the wife will sell my gear for the price i told her

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    Really sorry to hear about that am sure your day will be a really tough one .all that work and not enough memories of a young dog .
    kindest regards

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    My heart goes out to you Keith it is like losing a best friend


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