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Thread: Tracking and training equipment

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    Tracking and training equipment

    Hi I am new to tracking and I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a decent supplier or suppliers of the necessary equipment. Iím not after locator collars etc at the mo just the basics, leads etc. I donít mind buying over internet or mail order as there are not many decent gun shops round my area.



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    Tracking Equipment

    Hi Clive,
    Blatant self promotion but take a look at If you need any advice or want to ask about equipment in a general sense just give me a bell.

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    You don't have to spend a fortune to get the gear to start tracking training. Washing up liquid bottle for dropping the blood. Plastic washing line, the smooth round type and a clip to make a long lead 10 mtrs is plenty long enough. Do buy a good harness or a tracking collar. A bit of string for dragging the deer hoof along. some coloured plastic tape and cloths pegs for marking out where you have laid the trail.
    Blood, do's not matter what sort you use it do's not have to be deer blood. Deer hooves.
    Contact location collar are for hunting dogs not for tracking dogs. A great bit of kit if you are hunting deer with a dog like i do but a waste of money for tracking.
    If you need any tips PM me.

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