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Thread: Stalking In Germany

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    Stalking In Germany

    Hi ,
    I have an invite to go stalking in Germany with the father of a German friend , does anybody know what (if anything) I need in the way of licenses / permits to stalk as a guest & also take a rifle into the country other than a EU FAC ?


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    Hi Waldy,

    I cannot help you on the licenses side of things...

    However I would say your very lucky as I drove through Germany from south to north last weekend and have never seen so many deer and highseats in my life so im sure you will have a fantastic trip.

    All the Best


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    Hi Waldy

    you will need a jagdscein (german hunting license ) thay need to see your F A C and BASC insurance or something simarlar.
    i get all mine sorted out by a mate who lives there, maybe your german friend could do yhis for you.

    if you are taking you rifle wiyh you you will need a european firearms pass whitch you can get from your local constabulary.

    regards Anthony

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    Anthony is right, apart from getting a "Jagdschein" (valid for a year, or 3 years) and a EU weaponspass some councils like to see "a letter of good conduct" (to show you do not have a criminal record) and a letter that states that you are insured in german. The last two items where asked for in the Eifel region (a couple of uk hunters come over in july, that is why i know). But it all can vary between regions i guess.

    Please note that moderators and night vision scopes (so attatched to you're rifle) are highly illegal ! Also when traveling around youre riflecase needs to be locked. Even at the hunting grounds. If you step out of the car and actually go hunting then you can take it out. (new law) A small padlock through the zippers of a gunbag will be ok for field use. Airfreight has to be hard guncase with locks.

    Hope this is helpfull and good luck.

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    Shooting in Germany: all the red tape

    Hello Waldy,

    myself being german: what you need for inmporting weapons and ammunition basically is a European Firearms Passport issued by the the same authority wo issued your rilfe permit.

    For shooting in Germany you need a so called "Auslaender-Tagesjagdschein", raoughly to be translated with "Foreigners Shooting Licence onf daily basis", which is valid for 14 days.

    To obtain this you need:

    a) proof of identity (Passport or Identity card)
    b) Europeans firearms passport
    c) If applicable DSC1 or two
    d) german translation of above
    c) shooting liability insurance. It is advisable to obtain a german one for the 14 days in questions. If you want, I can make contact with a friend running an insurance agency for you.

    These papers you will have to send to your host who will then obtain the "Auslaender-Tagesjagdschein" for you. He can hand this to you on the day you arrive because you do not need it to get yopur rifle through customs.

    If you want to obtain the aforesaid licence on a yearly basis (valid for 3 years), things look a bit different: DSC 1 and 2 are not acknowledged by german authoritioe4s to be on the same level as the german stalkers examn. So getting a licence for more than 14 days depends on how good yopur hosts contact to the german stalking authorities are.

    If you have any questions superceding this, do not hesitate to contact me.


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    Somehow , I didn't think it would just be a case of rolling up with a EU FAC , Thanks to everyone for the offers of help , I'll sort out the invite & dates first & may get back to you .
    The area is just outside the black forest & is a really lovely part of the world with a few deer knocking about to boot .


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    When I enquired in Wolfsburg I was told that to get a one year isn't a problem generally (still waiting for mine months later ...grrrr )
    It's a really complex exam they think the DSC is a joke compared to their tests, however if you are in the forces they do a special exam for the Hunting Licence that does take into the previous experience and UK quals.

    The interesting thing about the German Hunting License is that once you have passed you are regarded as an asset to the community and are given special priviledges to gun ownership over and above the target shooters.
    Always a bit of a mare to deal with authorities there, all corrupt, anal, or bit of everything ... bureaucratic lunacy

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    Quote Originally Posted by legaleagle69
    Always a bit of a mare to deal with authorities there, all corrupt, anal, or bit of everything ... bureaucratic lunacy
    Well, it's the goold old german gruendlichkeit

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    I did the Jagdschein course all in German of course in 1998 and failed the written part of the exam. Repeated the course = 2x 180 hours, again with a cassette recorder on my school desk (remember them?) then followed by 6 months study each evening in UK and then passed it with flying colours. But it is a damned hard craic to do.
    The Brit & US armies get to do a simplified version of this course in English about 60 hours but get the same rights afterwards to claim a normal German Jagdschein.



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