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Thread: Where to order brushes?

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    Where to order brushes?

    Hoping for a cheap alternative!
    I need some more bronze bore brushes for my .243.
    My rod is threaded 8x32 so they will need to fit that.
    I previously had some dewey brushes which i ordered from Midway uk - but they want to charge me 11 postage for 4 brushes .
    Any ideas of where i can order some of these with a lower postage rate?


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    Tim Hannams - plus they also sell the adaptors so ANY rod can be used with ANY brush

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    Thanks for the tips guys,
    I'll check them out. Just to let you know - just found some on ebay so will be sorted for a little while!
    All the best,

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    About to send in our next order to Dewey distributor. We are more than Midway - 3.99 a brush - but that's posted. We'll do a 'deal' on multiples - to adjust postage etc

    If interested Pm with rod details - 8/32 male/ female etc.
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