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Thread: burris eliminator iii

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    burris eliminator iii

    hi does anybody know of any dealers in the uk that i would be able to pick a burris eliminator iii up from i have the ballistic at the moment and fancy trying the new eliminator as it measures wind and the angle as well as distance sounds like the full package to me

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    i dont know any uk sellers but here is a link to a us seller that will ship.
    i managed to look at the earlier version in nz whilst i was out there and the guys swore by them the 3 is supposed to be so much better, if you get one i would be interested in your review, atb wayne
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    I've used this guy in the states before to import scope he's bob on.


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    I got an eliminator 2 on ebay, and it is a stunning bit of kit. Bought in the states and it took a couple of weeks to get to me, but was worth the wait.

    The 3 looks even better!


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    well it now ordered and on its way ill keep you posted on how it goes when its up and running or dropping hopefully

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    Why not learn to shoot? MPBR


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    I guess this will be the future. I have a basic swarovski 8 x 56 on my 30:06, and it is great. The Burris is on my 243 and it is not as good optically, however the difference is like iron sites and a scope. One is traditional, old school and great to use. The other is new, clever - incredibly clever and really works. I guess most of my life is controlled electronically, car, house hold and basically everything except the rifle.

    In its most basic form / interpretation, the Burris is just a range finder, like the one in binnys and hand held that we use to tell you the distance to the object you are aiming at. Set right it takes this a step further and gives you the aim off, like so many computer programmes, wee bits of printed paper and guessology. Shooting straight still needs to happen, but the burris is just gives a wee dot telling where the point of impact will be. Like the cross hairs, if you have it set right, and you dont pull it, it will hit where you expect. it comes into its own for steep up and down hill shots, where no easy formula tells where the shot will strike. I understand that within 200mtr the difference is almost academic, an inch or two either way, but in my experience it is a great tool. What is really good for me is that the 243 with 100gn hornaday bullets the drop is very close to the drop with 150gn 30:06, and what works with the burris seems to work with the swarovski.

    I have been out with a couple of really good pro stalkers, and one really surprised me. Old school he wants to spend time playing with the eliminator.He started with iron sites and is looking to the future. He liked it, and i like it, it really does what it says on the tin for me.


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    So who is the reseller for these scopes then? Does any one know if the remote that one switch the Eliminator 2 work with the 3? Surly there has to be some one in the uk doing them?

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