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Thread: Much activity?

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    Much activity?

    Any of you boys seen much activity with the boar lately, topped my feeder up the other day, not much mark but ground was hard! May have to have another bash now the weathers settled a bit!


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    I have been plastering a couple of trees in my wood with stockholm tar and that certainly seems to keep drawing them in. Plenty of rooting in the leaf mulch around the trees too. I would like to try feeding soon but site not far from a badger set so I need some way of keeping it out of their reach!

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    We have a bit going on, got a biggish boar using the rub post and a sow with six small stripeys wandering about in the daylight. AAAGGHH

    Most of the sows should have stipeys so carefull what your shooting.


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    The sows will be left well alone if they have stripeys, did have a huge boar that was visiting but all been relatively quiet lately. will post pics of his mark when I get up there. Would like to preserve the sows just to build up the numbers, but too many others are being a bit greedy, on the borders of my ground.

    Anyway hot barrels everyone!


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    Spoke to 2 people in the last few days, one who had to stop his car for around 18 - 20 boar on the road and another who counted 12 in the wood at the end of her garden!

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