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Thread: r93 mount coming loose

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    r93 mount coming loose

    Hi all, does anyone else have an issue with the qr mounts working loose on their R93? Mine work loose after about 50 shots. They seem pretty tight when I lock them down. Not sure if I should tighten the screw or not.


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    Never had mine come lose but was having a little trouble with shifting groups and the first thing the dealer did was tighten the screws when I mentioned it to him in a casual chat we were having. It made a noticable difference as to how "stiff" the little latches were to tighten when fixing the scope and the problem went away. Honestly I suspect that the shooter (that would be me then) was the problem but it would appear to be normal to tighten the screws occasionally.
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    I never had this problem with my R93s; I bought the Blaser screwdriver and tightened the screws and have had no issue in 4 years................

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