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Thread: Arran stalker

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    Arran stalker

    Has anyone heard if he has been found ok hope he has

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    think his body was found today, god have mercy on him and his family

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    The Arran news has reported that the body of a stalker has been found by search teams today. Our thoughts are now with his family and friends.
    RIP stalker

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    Very sad news i found out about this on friday i was hoping he would be found ok

    My thoughts are with his wife and family

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    So sad just read this on google,

    Body of stalker found on Arran
    ON SEPTEMBER 30TH,2012
    The body of a deer stalker was found by search teams on Sunday September 30 2012 almost three days after he went missing on Arran.
    Local mountain rescue units launched the hunt on Thursday,September 27,after the 43-year-old from Somerset failed to return to his hotel in Lamlash.
    The search,which centred on the rugged moorland bordering the Ross Road between Lamlash and Sliddery,also featured specially trained tracker dogs and a Royal Navy helicopter.
    A Strathclyde Police spokeswoman said:‘The body of a 43-year-old man was recovered near the Dyemill area of Arran.
    ‘There are no suspicious circumstances and a report will be sent to procurator fiscal.’

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    That is such sad news, not only for the family but the whole stalking/shooting community
    thoughts are with the whole family and friends at this time
    hopefully intime they may hav a charity cup/shield for top yearly stalker on the Arran scheme to mark said life
    Be an appropriate tribute in my eyes

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    Very sad news thoughts go out to his family and friends......

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    how awful for his family and my thoughts go out to them.
    just shows you that even though we stalk and think we are prepaired for a day on the hill things change and catch you out, and its not just the wilds of new zeland and alaska that catches people out.

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    That's terrible news and obviously on behalf of the site and the admin team I wish our deepest condolences to his family and friends. This strikes a chord for all of us who participate in activities in remote and challenging areas and if there is anything good that can come of something so awful it would be to make all of us all the more vigilant about what we do.

    I know the last thread about this was locked and I'm sure I don't need to say it but I don't want to see any speculation or dissection done about the whys or wherefores in here. It's an awful thing to happen and it's close to home for all of us, so until we know concrete facts lets please leave that out.


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    A very sad result indeed, thought are with his family at this difficult time for them
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