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Thread: Greenlea DSC 1 review

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    Greenlea DSC 1 review

    Just a quick post to say thankyou to both Jon&Andrea of Greenlee for a brilliant weekend whilst I completed my DSC 1. I can't recommend this course and of course Greenlea enough! There is both the warm, friendly, easy welcome for beginners, and the clear wealth of knowledge from years of experience, for the more capable shooters. The onsite carcass larder preparation of the red stag was a fantastic experience for all involved Iam sure. It made the whole course so much more "real" to see a red stag go from a shot animal to hanging all skinned and prepared in the larder.

    Jon even provides Snowden's breakdown&Recovery free of charge for idiot clients that get stuck in the mud!!!

    Anyone wishing to complete their DSC or looking for stalking, wont go far wrong travelling to the beautiful northumberland area and booking some time at Greenlee.

    Thanks again Jon&Andrea

    Best Regards


    P.S you should definitely write a book Jon about your shooting stories! Very Funny and very interesting bonus part of the course!
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