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Thread: Measuring Case Volume

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    Measuring Case Volume

    I saw the thread earlier regarding Quickload, I have been thinking about buying this myself for a while as it seems to make life easier?. I notice you have to know the case volume H2o, is this the correct way to measure it as in this link the water is taken all the way to the neck ( is this correct ? ) and I notice the curve on the water surface but I have seen other links that say remove the curve by breaking the water tension.

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    Quickload will only give you approximate starting points and theoretical pressure with chosen powder/bullet combos, it is useful for narrowing the field on powder selection. the correct way to measure case volume is to add a drop of detergent to the water to break the waters surface tension, so you don't end up with the meniscus on top.

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    Thanks for that danpd, I take it the case is filled all the way to the top of the case as in the picture and if this is infact the case then quickload will remove the excess volume when the seating depth is inputted?


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