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Thread: Stolen High Seat

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    Stolen High Seat

    Some scroat has nicked one of my high seats from the Pembridge area of Herefordshire. It is a commercially available single (think it was a Nomad, but will have to dig out the receipt) fully galvanised, two piece with a plastic seat. I hadn't visited the area where the seat was for a while, so it could have been nicked anytime during the last three weeks.

    The police have been informed, but if anyone has been offered a seat lately or seen one suddenly appear, please drop me a PM.

    As you can expect I was p####d off to find it gone. It had been in place for two years and had been productive for Roe.


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    They are going missing and apparently being weighed in for scrap

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    If it's not nailed down they'll nick it, if it is nailed down they'll nick the flippin nails too....bustards
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    hopefully they will have No luck for stealing it! i hate thief's!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrens Mews View Post

    They are going missing and apparently being weighed in for scrap

    i dont think its going for scrap you can bet your bo##ocks its one of our own yes a stalker. had one nicked about a year ago after a gas pipeline was put throu the farm. put my money on the guys cutting down the trees in my mine was my own design i will know it if its found ask your mates to keep an eye out for them when out shooting. boy id of love to of walked into the wood when mine was on its way out fu##ing scumbags.

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    Lets all keep an eye on flea bay too.

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    We had one go missing last year, several weeks later the local village kids had turned it into a go kart, riding down passed the shoot captain house......Big mistake.

    Hope you find yours, not likely but hoping anyway.

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    Part the reason i make mine from timber.Half the price and less likely to be nicked.Annoying thing is as said will be weighed in and they probably wont even get a tenner for it

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