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Thread: Help! Can you part with a skull?

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    Help! Can you part with a skull?

    Hi All

    A friend of mine runs an animal care course at a college near Wellington, Shropshire and is trying to build up a skull collection.

    She is looking for any UK animal skulls that can be held without licences (or with if accompanied by one). Just thought its worth a try asking on here if anyone can help with any UK deer species? At present she has no UK Deer species so if you have CWD; Muntjac; Red; Roe; Fallow; Sika or Boar you can part with it would be fantastic. She is a keen beater and very pro shooting; if we can provide some skulls through the site may just help sway opinions of some of the next generation! Doen't have to be a trophy buck/stag as different ages are also great.

    P.M. for details and I will provide an address for the college. If you aren't local to Wellington then I am sure she can sort out postage costs.

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    She can have the one on the left:
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Thanks Limulus, will p.m. you with the adress shortly. That's roe sorted and a nice one too.

    With the bigger species if anyone has one to offer it can be arranged for a courier to collect if you can get it in a box or package up somehow.

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    We have a long standing client up in November - he lives in Telford area and has asked for skulls as well; I suspect its for the same cause.

    Should be able to sort him with a few - but if anyone in our area wants to donate you are welcome to lodge them here and we'll send them back down with our guy.
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    Just an idea, but the pro's I've been out with seem to bin any non-medal heads... so might be worth PM'ing them?

    I'm out later this month after some cull animals (paid stalk), so if I get them I'll chuck em on the compost heap for a few weeks then boil and peroxide them for you. Take it your friend will cover the postage?

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    I've some Roe & Muntjac heads, complete (skin, eye etc) in the freezer.
    I'm in Warwickshire.
    Kind Regards

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    Yes she will cover postage, personally, so their won't be a delay with payment.

    Cranhill I will do the fur covered ones for her if you don't mind sending them on to me?

    Moray, I don't think it is is the same chap as she hasn't asked anyone else. She has only just started with the collection. So anything is welcome. Think CWD and Sika may be the biggest problems.

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    Is a sheep skull any good? Might have a rabbit one too? No mandibles - does that matter?

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    Where are you?
    Kind Regards

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    I am in North Wales but she is in Wellington.

    Apache a sheep skull would be great as would rabbit and if anyone has a fox?

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