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Thread: Deer Tray required -90cm x 45cm

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    Deer Tray required -90cm x 45cm

    Does anybody have any brilliant ideas about where I can get or what I can use to make a waterproof deer tray from my landover that is 90cm x 45 xm to fit between the door and my dog crate. Trying to contain blood and hair as its getting a bit smelly!

    I have tried google for about the past 3 days and now my eyes hurt!



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    Alison handling

    For all your containers

    Nowt to do with me but I've found them excellent

    and just for you
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    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Plastic plastering tray from homebase may fit

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    I was going to recommend Allison plastics - they have a variety of products that may neet your requirements
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    Car roof box?
    I picked up one at a boot fair.
    Footprint fits the internal dimensions of my Meriva
    True I have to use it upside down but it has the added advantage the contents are hidden from view

    Many sizes around so you should find something that fit your dimensions

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    Quote Originally Posted by 375 mag View Post
    Plastic plastering tray from homebase may fit
    + 1... mine is a perfect fit in my mates disco, only 12.97 too!

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    Homebase tray is just a smidge too big. Trying to get it between the back door and the dog crate!

    The guys at Alison Handling are top blokes


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    a fish box is the universal container in our part of the country, made in a multitude of sizes ,

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    Whatever you buy do NOT buy a cement mixing tray from Homebase (around 19) as some people advise - as they are simply not sufficiently strong and the handles break off if you lift something in it.

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