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Thread: Bench Rifle rest - Fat bag 20.88

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    Bench Rifle rest - Fat bag 20.88

    Attachment 19805
    Holds position for positive sight-in

    Use at the range or on any surface

    No metal parts to mark or scratch your firearm

    Great grip and stability even with large calibre firearms

    Extra large steady platform with carry strap

    Cartridge loops/storage pocket

    15cm HIGH x 38cm LONG - APPROX


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    I just bought one of these from your ebay site. I could really do with it before Thursday am! Is there any chance of that?

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    It depends what level of delivery you selected. If it was Express delivery then yes, it should be with you by Thursday am.

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    Ok yes please I will have one! Please pm me for my payment details, thank you, James.

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    To purchase please buy through our website -, or give as a call on 01173039227.

    Kind regards,

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    Do you mean this one at 20.99?

    this one?
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    I got it yesterday morning. I ordered it monday night @ 10pm nice one.

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