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Thread: A couple from the weekend.

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    A couple from the weekend.

    Fallow Saturday morning, cleaned out head and legs off 120lbs not bad,

    Muntjac Sunday Morning.

    Attachment 19798Attachment 19799

    And a couple of Autumnal shots, to test the new camera.

    Attachment 19800Attachment 19801Attachment 19802Attachment 19803Attachment 19804Attachment 19806

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    Nice! Yep good weekend for it wasn't it!

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    Hi Eggy's,,
    Great photo's thanks and well done someone had a busy weekend.


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    Also did a Pricket on Friday night but that was not worth a photo

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    Busy weekend fella,and your pics are well done

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    Well done Eggs on the pictures and the deer nice.

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    Lovely deer, can't believe you can still find poppies out down there!! Ours went some months ago!!

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