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Thread: Thames Valley/Hampshire F-Licensing Depts to Merge

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    Thames Valley/Hampshire F-Licensing Depts to Merge


    Local newspaper (Oxford Mail Fri 28th) indicates Sara Thornton TVP CC confirms that TVP & Hampshire P-Service to 'share a firearms department'.

    Curious what Forum Members in Hampshire experiences are of their local Constabulary with regards to efficiency, 'their policies' with regards to Firearms/conditions/calibres etc?


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    Hampshire are taking five months to renew tickets, and have just taken more staff on, with more police forces mergin depts, we may see a more level playin field across the country.

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    In my experience Hampshire Police offer a very inconsistent service. The local FEO has been very helpful and efficient, but on occasion his superiors have indulged themselves with unbelievably petty Chief of Police's additional conditions. They can take around 6 months for renewals and variations but when they amended my certificate to remove the "mentoring" condition this was done by return of post. Hopefully if they are to combine with Thames Valley both departments will take the opportunity to maintain standards where they are already good and improve on those that are not. atb Tim

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    I think you may well find that article relates to the collaboration of each forces Operational Firearms cadre and not the civilian Firearms Licensing side

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    So far i have had a fantastic service with Hampshire, last renewal and had a couple of variations all back within 5-12 days.....but have heard tails of some taking 8 months, is this because they did not fill the form in correctly or not i dont know! I do know this is a massive problem and does not help.
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    .but have heard tails of some taking 8 months, is this because they did not fill the form in correctly or not i dont know! I do know this is a massive problem and does not help.[/QUOTE]

    The forms I have filled in have been correct as have those of my shooting colleagues. The story that many of us have had directly from Hants FL is that the Chief Constable had made staff cuts and the delays are a result of this. The Firearms Act requires the police to administer licensing but apparently sets out no statutory timescale and I do not recall seeing any in the HO guidance either. atb Tim

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    Sd forms were correct, they only take about two weeks to process them , the problem was they were so far behind that they did not look at them for four mths, due to lack of staff.

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    The latest information that I have heard about Hampshire Firearms Licensing is that they have an ongoing review of their procedures and expect to have remaining backlogs cleared by November 5th and aim to process variations grants and renewals within a 4 - 6 week timescale. atb Tim

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