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    I recently had some dealings with this company from the USA pleasant to deal with and reliable, worth a look if you want to import items.

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    Will they ship scopes to you?

    I know a while back they would not ship outside of the US.

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    I think they will ship binoculars but not scopes outside of the USA.

    I haven't been watching prices of late but sort of imagined most of the advantage of buying from the US had gone away of late, specially for quality optics (i.e. mostly European optics.) Are others still finding it worthwhile to import from the USA?

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    It was a camera, ask them if you want a scope - it might depend on the reticle. I was bidding on American ebay for a second hand scope it was withdrawn due to the reticle.

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    Just received this mailshot from them today.

    In our never ending quest to bring you sensational values we bring you this terrific Swarovski Riflescope Sale....
    Swarovski has discontinued many of their 1", 30mm & Rail mount riflescopes. We purchased these scopes from Swarovski at a special price so we could offer them to you at a significant discount. This is a great opportunity to acquire a fantastic scope at a huge savings...
    While Supplies Last. Swarovski AV Riflescopes
    Part# Item Reticle Tube Reg. Price Sale Price
    52028 AV 3-10x42 BR 1" $1059.99 $829.99
    52029 AV 3-10x42 4A 1" $989.99 $749.99
    52030 AV 3-10x42 Plex 1" $989.99 $779.99
    52032 AV 4-12x50 BT 1" $1159.99 $869.99
    52033 AV 4-12x50 BR 1" $1129.99 $889.99
    52034 AV 4-12x50 4A 1" $1059.99 $799.99
    52035 AV 4-12x50 Plex 1" $1059.99 $829.99
    52039 AV 3-9x36 4A 1" $889.99 $674.99
    52040 AV 3-9x36 Plex 1" $889.99 $699.99
    52042 AV 6-18x50 BT 1" $1259.99 $949.99
    52043 AV 6-18x50 4A 1" $1159.99 $889.99
    52045 AV 6-18x50 Plex 1" $1159.99 $889.99
    52048 AV 6-18x50 BR 1" $1229.99 $949.99

    Swarovski PV & PH Riflescopes
    Part# Item Reticle Tube Reg. Price Sale Price
    57015 PV-I 1.25-4x24 SR CD-I Rail Mount $1669.99 $999.99
    57016 PH 1.25-4x24 SR CD Rail Mount $1279.99 $699.99
    57035 PV-I 1.5-6x42 SR CD-I Rail Mount $1679.99 $1249.99
    57036 PH 1.5-6x42 SR 4A Rail Mount $1499.99 $799.99
    57091 PH 3-12x50 SR 4A Rail Mount $1669.99 $899.99
    57009 PH 1.25-4x24 #24 High Grid 30mm $1499.99 $949.99
    57023 PH 1.5-6x42 4A 30mm $1329.99 $969.99
    57063 PH 2.5-10x56 4A 30mm $1559.99 $1199.99
    57065 PH 2.5-10x56 Plex 30mm $1559.99 $1199.99
    57085 PH 3-12x50 Plex 30mm $1509.99 $1149.99
    57220 PH 4-12x50 4A 30mm $1799.99 $1299.99
    57221 PH 4-12x50 Plex 30mm $1799.99 $1299.99
    49360 SR Mounting System For all SR Mount Scopes Weaver Cross Slot Adapter $99.99 $65.00 with Scope Purchase

    New Riflescopes from Swarovski:
    Swarovski Z5
    1 inch rifle scope with 5x zoom for even more flexibility
    Rugged, lightweight alloy main tube finished with a tough anodized scratch resistant surface
    Third turret position allows for easy access for parallax adjustment
    Long eye relief of 3.74 in (95 mm) allows for worry free concentration on the shot
    Patented SWAROVSKI OPTIK 4-point coil spring system for absolute certainty of hitting your target - shot after shot
    Rectangular adjustment range allows greater elevation adjustment with the greatest possible precision
    66% greater field of view range and greater magnification range for greater overview and for more flexibility
    Slim, stylish design provides enough space for easy mounting
    Particularly versatile and suitable for various types of hunting due to its high magnification and its large field of view
    Maximum image quality due to completely innovative optic design
    Reticle in the second image plane: The target observed is magnified while the size of the reticle remains the same
    Rapid diopter adjustment
    Microstructure surface to prevent residual reflections inside the tube for bright, highcontrast images, even in intense light
    Waterproof to 13 ft even with turret caps removed
    Z5 Series
    #59761 Z5 3.5-18x44 - PLEX - $1379.99
    #59762 Z5 3.5-18x44 - 4 - $1379.99
    #59767 Z5 3.5-18x44 - BRX - $1449.99
    #59760 Z5 3.5-18x44 - BT-PLEX - 1479.99
    #59881 Z5 5-25x52 - PLEX - 1499.99
    #59882 Z5 5-25x52 - 4 - $1499.99
    #59888 Z5 5-25x52 - FINE - $1499.99
    #59887 Z5 5-25x52 - BRX - $1569.99
    #59880 Z5 5-25x52 - BT-PLEX - $1599.99

    Swarovski Z3
    1 inch rifle scope with 3x zoom
    The newly designed slim construction allows it to be mounted close to the barrel and is suitable for all hunting firearms
    Improved anti-reflective lens coatings deliver the highest optical performance in all light conditions
    Large, rugged turrets with distinctive adjustable clicks for accurate adjustments
    The wide power ring allows quick adjustment of entire magnification range
    Wide range of adjustment for easy sighting in
    Large field of view
    Centered reticle in the second image plane
    Waterproof to 13 ft even with turret caps removed
    Rapid diopter adjustment
    Microstructure surface to prevent residual reflections inside the tube for bright, highcontrast images, even in intense light
    Light weight
    All aluminum outer parts are anodized to be scratch-resistant
    Z3 Series
    #59033 Z3 3-9x36 - 4A - $979.99
    #59031 Z3 3-9x36 - PLEX - $979.99
    #59011 Z3 3-10x42 - PLEX - $1089.99
    #59013 Z3 3-10x42 - 4A - $1089.99
    #59017 Z3 3-10x42 - BRX - $1159.99
    #59019 Z3 3-10x42 - ML - $1159.99
    #59021 Z3 4-12x50 - PLEX - $1169.99
    #59023 Z3 4-12x50 - 4A - $1169.99
    #59027 Z3 4-12x50 - BRX - $1239.99
    #59020 Z3 4-12x50 - BT-PLEX - $1269.99

    New BRX Reticle:
    Simply designed for long range shooting and takes the guesswork out of how high to hold over a game animal or target by utilizing the marker bars or dots below the main horizontal crosshair
    Compensates for wind drift by use of the wind posts or ends of the marker bars for aiming (based on 10 mph crosswind)
    Eliminates the need for making turret adjustments to your rifle scope
    Includes SWAROVSKI OPTIK easy to read decals
    Online Ballistic Calculator at: WWW.SWAROVSKIOPTIK.COM
    200 yard zero

    New Z6i 5-30x50:
    Key Features:
    HD optics (High Definition) added for superior performance at highest magnifications
    3rd turret parallax adjustment
    Centered reticle in the second image plane. The target observed is magnified. The size of the reticle remains the same
    Microstructure grooves for precisely defined ribbing prevent residual reflections inside the tube for bright, high-contrast images, even in intense light
    Increased eye relief of 3.74" for protection against recoil injuries
    Rugged light alloy main tube
    Waterproof to a depth of up to 13 ft (0.4 bar). Nitrogen purged.
    Extra wide field of view
    4 coil spring system ensures highly accurate, repeatable click adjustments, even with heavy recoiling firearms
    Finger adjustable point of impact adjustments (clicks) - no tools necessary
    Z6 & Z6 Illuminated
    #59911 Z6 5-30X50 - PLEX - $2279.99
    #59917 Z6 5-30X50 - BR - $2349.99
    #59910 Z6 5-30X50 - BT PLEX - $2399.99
    #59938 Z6i 5-30X50 - 4A-I - $2959.99
    #59937 Z6i 5-30X50 - BR-I - $3049.99
    #59958 Z6i 5-30X50 - BT-4A-I - $3099.99

    Minox USA offers two Snow Hunter binocular models
    Minox USA, Meriden, N.H., released two "winterized" Minox Snow Hunter BV binoculars, in two power choices - 8-by-42 and 10-by-42. These binoculars have special lubricants to perform smoothly and reliably in temperatures ranging from all the way down to -22 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The hardened aluminum body can withstand the most severe weather conditions, making it shockproof in compliance with the rigorous DIN ISO 10109-4 standard.

    Additionally, the binoculars feature the Realtree Hardwoods Snow camouflage design and as well as shockproof rubber amoring to protect the optics even in the toughest going, and providing a firm, comfortable grip with its non-slip surface, even if wearing gloves. Innovative Minox sealing technology on the inside protects them from dust and makes them waterproof to a depth of 9 feet 10 inches. A nitrogen gas filling provides permanent protection against corrosion and prevents fogging, even in extreme temperature fluctuations.

    Advanced optical systems assure excellent viewing, with minimum glare and exceptionally high light transmission, according to the company. The binoculars weigh 27.5 ounces and have a field of view of 389 feet at 1,000 yards for the 8-by-42 and 342 feet for the 10-by-42. The Minox BV Snow Hunters priced at $319 for the 8-by-42 and $329 for the 10-by-42.

    We are authorized dealers for:
    Bushnell - Leica - Minox - Nikon - Olympus - Pentax
    Promaster - S&B - Steiner - Swarovski - Vortex - Zeiss

    Please visit our extensive DEMO PAGES for exceptional savings:
    Leica Demo List - Minox Demo List - Nikon Demo List - Pentax Demo List - Swarovski Demo List - Zeiss Demo List

    If we can answer anything for you please feel free to give us a call or e-mail. Thank you for the continued support.

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