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    trail camera

    hi guy's,
    got some new ground tonight with a deal with the farmer i help catch some fly tippers(my idea) so was thinking trail camera would be best way forward. the camera will be used for wildlife afterwards, so my question is what camera would be best for catching humans with out it being detected.
    i have tried reading up on them but techno stuff int my
    cheers stav
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    There are some specialist cameras designed for catching humans up to no good - I think Reconyx make some of them. There are also cameras that are specifically designed to pick up car number plates though they may not be much use as a wildlife camera. The Reconyx ones are a lot of cash, even if you bring them in from the USA.

    What you need to remember is that most cameras work at relatively short range and also that many cameras on the market are much larger than you imagine so hiding them from people is pretty tricky, or at least requires some effort on your part. Also many cameras introduce considerable motion blur due to long shutter speeds designed to make the most of limited light - so they may be of limited use in helping recognise a person. In general 10 yards is a long shot for a trail camera with 15 - 20 feet probably being optimal.

    Were you intending to identify these people by their number plate or by what they look like? That is probably the first thing to consider.
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    which ever would be best, they come in the dead of night if that helps and atleast twice aweek.
    cheers stav
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    I have recently bought a Spy point 'black flash' jobbie from Scott Country. it has 7 mp colour in the daylight and then black and white at night but with no visible flash, light or dign that it is there. I do believe that some other infra red camera types do emmit some form of red light to give away their presence.

    I have been very happy with mine

    Good luck and a good way of getting brownie points!

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    Stav, get a little acorn 5210MC has an add on that sends pictures to a laptop/mobile phone, so no interagation on site, it sends to you via a mms sim card, around 200, but also has the blue light so no visible presence, and with 8 batteries lasts for up to 6 months, the pensioner?, switched on one. tell johnnie have ordered the damasteal, mosaic pins, etc, custom jobbie coming up. deerwarden

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    Plus one for acorn

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    Yes - look who I caught fly tipping pellets last

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    Trail Cameras have some cracking reviews and recommendations.

    I use the Spypoint BF-7 Wildlife Camera, which is completely covert (true black flash unlike some "low glow cameras") and is ideal for security, if you dont need HD.

    Spypoint BF-7 Black Flash Covert Infrared Night Vision Camera - Trail Camera reviews



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