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Thread: How thick should a gong be?

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    How thick should a gong be?

    A mate said that he would make me a gong for playing about with, so having never had one before I was wondering what thickness it needed to be? Can anyone tell me please? Using a .308 a .243 and a 6.5 x 47, thanks DM

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    The gongs I've seen have been about three quarters of an inch thick. They were made from a type of steel called Hardox. I believe it was developed for hard wearing applications like digger buckets.

    I think that if you use mild steel it'll need to be very thick. Am sure others will know more.



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    Dovebob, your spot on hardox is used for applications where steel is in constant contact with other surfaces,I have used this on many,many jobs over the last 6 months.but if your using 20mm Steel it will take some punching through.

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    It will also depend what distance you are planning to shoot. I have a 10 mm thick steel fox silhouette which is fine with my 6.5x55 at 500 yards but my mate left a couple of big dents in it with his 308 at 300 yards. At 100 yards my mate blew a hole straight it with a .243. I have a plate that is 50x70cm that is 13mm steel which is fine though.
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    I made a deer silhouette from 12mm mild steel and the 243 went stright through it at 100m. I welded some 25mm plate to it and it nearly went through the lot!! If you dont use hardened steel then the bullets just damage mild steel something rotten. As previous post says this ceases to be a problem at 300m+

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    i burnt mine out of a worn digger front plate it is around 1 ins thick burn some bolt holes to fix the chains ,or when you cut it out leave a leg on ,and hammer it into the ground ,if you can get a tractor wheel weight you have one ready made ,or just hammer a bar into the ground and stick a plough sock -point on they ring like a bell and you wont bash them up,dont use slow lead bullets. 577 and there type unless you have lots-miles of room all round.

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    I was shooting at 10mm thick angle iron the stuff farm sheds are built with . with my .223 with andy fae moray outfitting at 70metres and 130 meters and was almost punching holes in it at 130m
    Howa .223 varmint. Ruger 10-22. rizzini 20 bore o/u couple of 12 bores

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    Hardox is good - I used to make shot peen / blast cabinet wear plates out of steel with a very high manganeze content. It is cheaper than pukka Hardox & just as effective. It's great for the job - only problem is when you try to cut or drill it. - Almost impossible!! It does plasma cut ok though.


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