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Thread: Some big fellas for big money!

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    Some big fellas for big money!

    Maybe some of us are sitting on goldmines...

    The big lad 2nd from the bottom left is impressive, wonder if he was a wild stag?


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    The guy is off his head. those heads are worth 3500-4500 tops as a collection.

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    Ha ha, I did wonder why they had attracted no bids

    I can't imagine spending money on someone else's trophys, but I understand there has been a longstanding practice on the continent of building up trophy collections, even ones you haven't accounted for yourself. Is that the case?


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    Quote Originally Posted by danpd View Post
    The guy is off his head. those heads are worth 3500-4500 tops as a collection.

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    You could stalk and shoot a collection like that for less than half the reserve price.

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    That is the 4th or 5th time they have been listed with no bids at all..............quell surpise

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    bonkers !!!! he needs to leave the malt alone

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    Crazy I would say, I personally would value them at around 350 each and maybe a bit more for the big fellow, I would have thought 5,000 not 50.000 was the top end of their value.

    However something is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it, and if he gets someone thats prepared to pay silly money, good luck to him.

    He does mention contacting him about individual stags, I think this may be a fishing expedition to find out what value Joe public will put on them.

    Novice, yes there is a market in Europe for trophies, some gamedealers will buy decent heads of you, as they are no prep .

    Go to any game fair, I have seen Roe heads for sale [cleaned] 15 -30 these are small heads often youngsters
    while I sometimes have to prepare heads of this quality for clients, I personally would dispose of them hardly worth putting the boiler on for, but they seem to be able to sell them.

    Look at what they ask for a small bit of antler for stick making, or the latest thing dog chews.

    Whether the Europeans that buy them just want a collection of heads , or whether they try to pass them off as there own, I am not sure.

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    dont be daft!
    He doesnt actually think they will get bids at 50k
    He has put that price so he can advertise on eBay WITHOUT attracting bids! as soon as someone bids and wins he has a legal contract to sell what he advertised.

    This way people who are interested ring him up, buy what they want and he attracts no fees (apart from the reserve price fee, which is cheap by anyone's standards to reach out to the population of eBay)

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    there are some very rich people out there who don't care what they pay as long as their interior decorator gets what they need. a friend of mind just sold a CNC'd granite fireplace surround to a wealthy NY client for 100,000. needless to say, there was a healthy profit margin! LOL

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