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Thread: Two for two with the new treble two.

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    Two for two with the new treble two.

    I bought a BRNO Fox Model 2 in .222rem to be my foxing rifle.
    Previously I had been shooting a lot of foxes in built up areas and golf courses with a variety of rimfires with particular success with the .22WMR.

    Closest fox was 12 yds, furthest about 60yds! but they are getting wise!

    Noise is an issue obviously, shots are often less than 50yds from residential buildings!
    The .243 was just too damn noisy regardless was I did with the loads.
    The .222rem seemed the perfect option for the ones that were a little further away and when I needed them down on the spot.
    Dead foxes on the 2nd fairway at dawn don't go down too well! Nor does little Johnny finding one on the front lawn at breakfast!

    Having completely stripped renovated and re-blued it following a barrel chop of 3.5" and screwcut it now wears the PES T12 I use for everything else 6mm and below

    I had to change my plan on scopes (30mm tube and 16mm dovetail options are limited to say the least!) and showhorned a 3-9x56 Nikko IR scope and a TriStar Pro LED lamp with red filter on top. I loaded up some 50gr VMax over 20 odd grains of N133 and set about zeroing it.
    My rough estimate was 3000fps but after a bit of walking I got it 1/2" high at 50yds, quick check at 110yds and it was 1" high, hopefully giving me a good stretch of 200-250yds of point and shootability.

    Since I got it zeroed I have been out 3 times and blanked, very unusual, but partially my fault!
    1) My NV monocular decided to run out of battery just at the wrong moment, by the time I had swapped the battery the fox had scarpered!
    2)standing under the shade of a tree I stood on a twig trying to turn to get a shot off to the side
    3) walked straight into 2 foxes on a path through some scrub

    Normally I walk with the NV scope, spot and either call or stalk, twin sticks and I am away. Mobile and in theory silent!

    Having figured out where the foxes were living on one site I decided a stake out was the best option and invested in a couple of pouches of fishy cat food.
    I also decided to give my newly constructed HomeBase special quad sticks a christening as the ground fairly flat with undulating humps every 40-50yds creating dead spots if I went for the bipod.

    Backed up to a tree standing just in a small copse overlooking 3-400yds of open grass about 100yds wide with a copse on the left and a marsh and small plantation on the right. Chez fox is in the copse on the left, 2 Whiskas sites 75 ish yds out in the middle and right of the grassy area.

    Normally the foxes are out by the time i get there and I usually pick them up with the NV in space as they move around feeding or on their way back home.
    After about 40 mins I picked up a fox moving quickly right to left at about 80yds, too quick to get a bead on him, he did a double take at Cat Food central but didnt even stop!
    Assuming he was not turning in for the night, I kept the NV monocular fixed on the copse on the left.
    10 mins later he reappeared, cautious at first, and then with a clear intent to get stuck into some Tuna!
    One thing I dont like about the quad sticks is the limited ability to pan and follow a moving target, thankfully once at the cat food it stayed fairly static for long enough that I could get the light on, adjust the dimmer so I could see a clear picture without burning his eyes out.

    I am still getting to grips with the double set trigger but I like it!
    cross hairs on the chest, safety off, rear trigger set, front trigger touched, satisfying thump as the round hits home and it the fox hits the ground.
    The report is actually less than the WMR but the effect is significantly improved.

    One down, I left him out there hoping it might create some curiosity for the next target.

    It wasnt long before fox number 2 came bowling out of the left copse straight past the body and the cat food without a pause. Disappeared into the marsh and away not to be seen again for almost 45 mins when it went straight home. 5 mins later it came out, cat food on the mind, closely followed by another.

    Again, without the cat food I probably wouldnt have got on target with the limited panning of quad sticks. what the make up for in steady sight picture they lack in flexibility.

    Light on I chose the larger of the two, cross hairs on the chest, touch of the trigger and another thump.
    Two down.

    I could probably have stuck around and bagged a third but thought I would call it a night and was eager to see the damage.

    Well they may be small and lack the power of a .223 or range of a 20Tac but I will say I was impressed by the carnage of the little 50gr .222 loaded with a mid powered charge!
    Not quite as clean to pick up as the results of the WMR but no runners here!
    Fox 1 took it in the rear of the chest quartering away and the path ended up in the skull popping one eye.
    Fox 2 took it in the front quarter looking almost at me. The resultant fragmentation split him open from sternum to groin

    A very satisfying account opener for a new rifle.
    Not convinced about the quad sticks though!

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    Well done on christening the new toy.


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    Good choice there bewsher, the .222 is well up for the Job. Well done.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    great result good read and good tactics regards pete ,

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    My mate shoots a .222, it is a good fox and roe deer rifle.

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    Good post Bewsher, ditched the paper with my morning coffee and read the above instead

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    well done mate, happy to hear of that :-) sounds like a great night out!

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