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Thread: Dehumidifiers and rust prevention

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    Dehumidifiers and rust prevention

    I keep my guns in the cellar in three large safes. My hunting guns are covered in a plastic sleeve which prevents rust from occuring.

    The "toys" i.e pistols etc are just locked in the safe. In the last month, I have noticed quite a bit of rust having built up. I switched the dehumidifier on and left it running for 18 hours; just as well I checked the water bucket as it was close to full with 2 litres of water. I checked it again after another 18 hours and there was only a liter. Should I keep the dehumidifier running permanently or not?

    Many thanks

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    The dew point in a cellar is higher than in a normal living area so it would be best to put the compact pistols in a small money safe and locate it in the bedroom

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    I have quite a few pistols (some quite valuable) and agreed with my wife to keep them in the cellar so as they would not be in the immediate living area. We have now agreed that I can buy a proper safe for my office, which will now be strictly locked at all times as well. Many thanks for your suggestion

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    I am not sure if the plastic sleeve is a good idea as condensation could form on the inside, you could try using some of the Napier VP90 sachets (corrosion inhibitor)in your cabinet and applying oil to the metalwork of your guns . I find it helps to allow the gun to warm to room temparature before putting it away and locating the cabinet somewhere warm. In your cellar I would definately use the dehumidifier and also see if it would be feasible to provide some background heat as well. atb Tim

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    The sleeves contain vpi's
    Below is a link to my website.
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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    The sleeves contain vpi's
    To be clear I was referring to ordinary plastic sleeves and not the specialist anti-corrosion product. atb Tim

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    To remove dampness from a cellar you need to put heat in as well as a humidifier

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    i use a tube heater in my cabinet, 40 watts and no issues.

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    It is strange that is only the pistols that are being effected.

    I like the look of the bags from Zcorpps as per link from Limilus. 24 bags ordered. ETA 10 days. THey look like the perfect solution but my safes are not going look as nice with just silver bags on display!

    Many thanks

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