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Thread: Coldstream Best practice Day, cancelled

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    Coldstream Best practice Day, cancelled

    The best pratice day in coldstream has been cancelled due to lack of support. The following e-mail has been sent to those that did apply,

    I am emailing you on behalf of The Deer Initiative and Scottish Natural Heritage. I am very sorry but the planned Best Practice Day at Coldstream on Thursday 11th October 2012 has had to be cancelled, as unfortunately there are not enough participants to make the event viable. No doubt you were looking forward to the day, and we are very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.

    We hope to hold future Best Practice events and we will keep your contact details on file and offer you the opportunity of attending. If you would like us to return your cheque please let me know if not we will destroy them.

    Once again sorry and we look forward to seeing you on a future Best Practice event.

    Best Wishes

    Alastair Boston The Deer Initiative

    Mike Cottam Scottish Natural Heritage

    Alastair Boston
    North of England Deer Liaison Officer
    The Deer Initiative
    LA22 9NP

    Mobile: 07855 606877
    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Disappointing, I hope that they try this again at a later date.

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    Quite astounding that a Best Practice Day is cancelled through lack of support. Talking to other stalkers there appears to be a bit of same old same old thinking as regards BP days. Any thoughts as to why this event did not achieve the required support.

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    Same old thinking ???


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    Stan, I've been at a few BP days and all have included ballistics, carcass inspection, butchery skills. Now whilst I appreciate the importance of all these aspects, once you have seen it and are confident in using BP in these areas the call to go to another event with the same topics is not so appealing. I just wondered if the lack of support for this event is down to the need to inject different areas of BP.
    I am going to a BP day in November. Topics are Code of Practice on Deer Management (excellent) , ballistics, carcass inspection and butchery skills (same old). If it was not for the Code of Practice I would not be going.

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    I have no idea why this event did not fill its subscription but might go along with the suggestion both of you make. While the BP day in Hamilton will have the same people doing the demonstrations i am assured that there will be a definite slant to managing urban deer and the task ahead for the urban area deer managers. Gazza you are correct the Deer code of practice must be done that is the most important reason for the BP days. What i worry about now is how SNH / DI will get the message clearly across to the English amongst us who do most of there deer stalking and deer management in Scotland.

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    I'm meeting Mike tomorrow, I'll mention your comments.

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    Be sure to mention that nobody is critising Mike's efforts or the concept of BP days but I would think that with the number of stalkers in most areas of the country BP days should be over subscribed.

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    730am start 430pm finish
    poor marketing


    and I am one of the ones that was going!!
    I even rustled up 5 more to go!

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    I maybe just a bit cynical but it seems to me the event got the same amount of marketing, had the same start/finish times, were held mid week as previous events and they were all well attended. The only real difference was no charge compared to 30 for this one.

    Surely 30 is a small price to pay for a full days education with practical experience and lunch as well.


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