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Thread: Need a 'cheap' scope for stalking...

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    Need a 'cheap' scope for stalking...

    Putting together my first setup for stalking - on a tight budget as the whole FAC application/buying gun cabinet/DSC1/paid stalks/buying suitable clothing/etc/etc are adding up!

    Found a decent looking Sako M591 in .308 that I am hoping to test soon, and it comes with a sling and mod. So I need a scope and mounts.

    Happy with fixed 6x mag on the scope if it makes things cheaper, main thing I'm after is good light transmission - on a recent stalk I compared my sub 300 bins with the posh German made scope on the estate rifle, and it was like someone switching the lights back on! Obviously I'm not expecting the same performance as this, but if you were putting you into shooting in the half light, what would you buy?

    As this is a budget approach, eBay options will be viable.


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    mcleods of tain have a 6x42 swaro nova for 130 but you better be quick!

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    Wow that would be perfect for you, that won't hang around long.

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    If you are on a budget a 2nd hand 6x42 or 7x50 Meopta - optics almost on a par with German brands, or go to 2nd hand S&B, Swaro or old Zeiss Diatal. Its amazing how with the later the odd scuff mark on the body seems to really knock the price down, but wont affect the functionality. And dont discount Pecar Scopes - OK they are no longer made, but they were top quality scopes and probably went out of business because they were too expensive to make.

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    in fact i find some 2nd hand meopta scopes seem to be more expensive than their S&B counterparts just on rarity alone!

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    some people dont like them but I have had a whitetail classic on my 6.5 for several years now and not had a problem not in the Swaro class but for the price a1

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    If you come up with a 26mm scope body do not dispair as I am having some adaptor half shells made this week which will allow you to use normal 30mm scope rings ie 26mm inner diameter and a 30mm outer diameter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    mcleods of tain have a 6x42 swaro nova for 130 but you better be quick!
    That scope is rated 3 out of 10 for condition!

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    Edgar bros 8x56. Does what it says on the box.
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    Take great care with the E bay option, unless you can see some decent feedback or a recommendation, Why rush into it?, Try & hold your water till you have a little more dough?............. Burris Fullfield is a very good option, All the deer seen through mine have been drt!, I also have the Swaro's & the Schmidts, & I'm just as happy on the deer with the Burris.
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