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Thread: Oops at it again!!

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    Oops at it again!!

    Things have been quiet this last few days, not many stags whistling or reacting to my whistles.Got a few just wandering about feeding. Was out yesterday, shot a 2 year old who was wandering about. Never heard or saw another beast, out again last night and the heavens opened. Kept at it and found a mature stag out in the open, this must have been about 1850 hours, got a close as i could in the time i had left. Darkness was fast approaching, gave one whistle and a small set of antlers appeared on the skyline charging in my direction. Shot him then had a rush to get down to the road before it got to dark to see. Back at it this morning, walked up a track to where i had brashed some trees to let me see into the wee burnside. Sat a couple of minutes waiting to see if anything was moving about, nothing. Gave a whistle and straight away a good mature stag came barging out of the trees. You can guess what happened next Al

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    Your selective culling seem to be working for so many large sika to show

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    Lovely beast. Like the Dog too; JP

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    that is a real cracker well done

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    Cracken pic with head and the dog in it

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    Minted looking good
    Just Shoot The F..king Thing!

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    thats a good looking head one of the best ive seen this year

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