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Thread: Bolt - holding open device

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    Bolt - holding open device

    Interested in the forum's views on this.

    So I've been enjoying getting to know my two new Mauser M03 rifles, which are the first centre fire rifles I have owned. In doing so I thought I would devise my own 'normal safety precautions' and stoppage drills adapting what I was taught in the army to be specific to these rifles.

    In doing so it became apparent to me that many bolt-action rifles have an inherent flaw in that, once opened, the bolt cannot held open (e.g. as happens with the 'holding open device' on an SA80 A2). Thus when the rifle is being carried around (e.g. being taken in/out of a vehicle, or being passed over a fence etc. ) with the bolt open it can slide around, bang about, make noise etc. Not optimal for either (a) stealth in the field or (b) demonstrating a safe weapon to others.

    Obviously there is a simple enough work-around - just stick one's finger on the bolt to stop it sliding about - but how simple would it have been just to incorporate a small spring-loaded lever to hold it open ? The existing bolt-release on the M03 could easily have been modified to do just that.

    What I wondered was do any other bolt-action rifles incorporate such a feature ?

    Mauser M03

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    Sauer 202 has a lock feature on the safety catch to do something like that. Don't use it, but sure it does something like that!

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    Steyr-Mannlicher's Safe Bolt System has the exact opposite: in the 3rd position, the safety catch completely locks the bolt, the trigger and the striker. However although that's very safe, there's nothing to indicate that it is so to anyone else.

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    try a chamber flag. Cheap and now seem to be compulsory on some target ranges.

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    I was down the running moose range on Saturday. You can't have a sling on the rifle when shooting. It did cross my mind and not for the first time that its hard to carry the rifle muzzle pointing down and with the bolt open. A little gizmo to hold the bolt open would be a good idea. I use a M03 as well

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    Pine Martin - is that with the bolt open (as in drawn back) ?

    Jagare - exactly, can't carry muzzle down is another issue (at least not without awkwardly keeping a finger on the bolt).

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    Quote Originally Posted by MauserM03 View Post
    Pine Martin - is that with the bolt open (as in drawn back) ?
    No, closed, hence the fact that it's not ideal because no-one else can tell that the rifle's safe (safe as it can be without being open and unloaded anyway).

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    PM - makes sense. The M03 has a similar system which was one of my main reasons for buying it.

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    Would it not be as easy to take the bolt out? Just don't lose it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jagare View Post
    its hard to carry the rifle muzzle pointing down and with the bolt open.
    not that I have been inclined to carry it bolt open apart from the short distance from the cabinet to the sleeve.
    could you not just put slight pressure on the bolt with the base of your thumb when around the pistol grip?

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