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Thread: Are My Cull Stags Big or Small

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    Are My Cull Stags Big or Small

    Looking for a little help from any one who is in the know.

    Shot 2 Pricketts yesterday and the weight of them was around 140lb apiece without head, feet and coat left on.
    Both animals were born last year.

    What I wish to know is How do they compare in weight with hill animals and other stags the same age around the country.

    Im keeping a more in depth cull record this year and already noticing some big differences. As I have culled 9 stags from another area in Leicestershire last week and some 3/4 year old stags were coming in at only 150lb.
    All animals are enclosed not wild.

    Many thanks Andrew
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    Most of my yearlings are around the 55-60kg mark 120-130lbs, normally young mature animals, 2 years ish around 80-120kg and mature stags 140-150kg (all these weights are skin on though, not sure from your wording whether you mean your weight is with or without skin......

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    Hi Andy
    head feet off. Skin on.
    Thank you

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    supected so, just checking, those weights are norfolk/suffolk borders by the way.

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    i shot 6 yearling prickets in a park a week ago.They averaged 125-140lb larder weight (head/ slots off/ skin on)
    regards bob

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    Shot a couple of spikers around the 180 lb mark and a mature 10 point stag 4/6 yrs old 320 lb lowland wild red

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    the last stag i shot was 3 /4 years old lowland cumbrian stag larder weight 155 lbs the one before same age 168 lbs a normal yearling is normally around 90 to 120

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    Smallest spiker this season so far was 92kg larder weight...... Lowland Suffolk Red Deer.

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    Prickets or staggies are around the 180 Lb mark . Thetford.

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