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Thread: Zeiss, are they good optics?

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    Zeiss, are they good optics?

    I think so.
    My line up now.

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    I love my Classic Divari 2.5-10x50
    But having just broken my glasses, I will not fork out 440 for another set of Zeiss vari-focals, they are no better
    than the cheap french ones I had before, and will have again as soon as my new glasses are ready.


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    cool - complementary of zeiss? LOL..

    what's the line up, rifle wise?

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    Come on John thats just showing off ......

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    need one more for all my rifles to have them on donations greatly accepted.

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    As you seem to be sponsored by Zeiss John , your collection is a good advert for them
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    Plug Plug Plug must be after something else

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    shame you dont know how to mount your front optilocks properly!

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    They were top notch optics but the new ones dont seem to come close to Swarovski Lieca or Smits, Might be a sign of the times.

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