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Thread: 1st for the new rifle

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    1st for the new rifle

    I'm not normally one for posting after every time I've been out stalking but I was pleased to open the account with a new rifle on friday so here's how it happened, not posted it til today as I've only just found the lead to download the pictures from my phone. I picked up my new (to me anyway) rifle on thursday and spent friday afternoon tinkering with it and trying out a couple of different bullets. It's a Tikka T3 lite in .243 that has done virtually nothing and I don't know how the gunshop that sold it to me made any money on the deal, I can't recommend them enough!

    When I picked it up, the scope was touching the barrel so I moved it foward a few mm to keep the barrel free floating, how whoever had it before me ever did any good with it I'll never know, maybe that's why they got rid of it. I only have 1 small patch with Roe permission, all the rest of my permissions are munties and foxes only, there's not all that many Roe in my area. I've shot my land for quite a while but mostly for foxes with my old .22-250 which i've just replaced. I found the sako 90gr gameheads cloverleafed at 100 yards so have stuck with them for the moment, although they are much heavier than the 55gr powershocks I used in my old rifle and I would still like to find something lighter for the foxes at range, any recommendations welcome!

    After sorting out the zero and generally getting used to the new rifle I went out to a large wood on saturday evening, it's a mile from my house and opens out to a 30 acre grass field in the middle. I sat in a high seat and waited, I took a barren muntie doe from this field earlier last week, plenty of hares and rabbits were about but no sign of any deer.

    At about 8.30 I climbed down in order to have a look down the outside edge of the wood; I was stalking along a short ride when I spotted a buck skylined and coming down a track between 2 wheat fields, heading for the ride I was on. I got down slowly and he kept mooching towards me, there were 2 cock pheasants stamping in the leaf litter around me and he kept looking up as if he'd winded me, then coming a bit more. As soon as the shot was safe and he presented himself I dropped him on the spot, not exactly long distance at 60yds off a bipod but I was pleased to open the account with the new rifle on the first outing. I recognised the buck as soon as I saw him, I've seen him a few times driving past the wood on my way home, shame about the broken point, it would have been a good head for my area of lincs, his neck was covered in scars, as were his ears and both tusks were broken, a real old campaigner. Apologies for the quality of the photos, they were taken on my phone.

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    Nice one mate.
    A fox round, well i use rem 100gr CLUB for deer and rem 95gr accutip for foxes. Virtually no difference in the point of aim.
    I have been trying for a while to find 2 rounds without having to adjust the scope every time. Rem 75gr accutip are awsome on foxes, fast and flat.

    Good luck


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    Thanks Jonathon,

    I've heard really good things about the Hornady 58gr ballistic tip, super fast (faster than my .22-250 could go) and super flat, with nearly all my permission being muntjac and fox only I wanted a round for them both and could then re-zero when I go to the Roe ground, which isn't very often really. I was hoping to find a light soft point that would do the job for me but no joy yet. The Tikka doesn't seem to like remmy rounds for some reason, I've got a box of powershok 80gr soft point to try but not had a chance yet, I only ever used powershok 55gr through my old rifle and it was extremely accurate out to long range with them.

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