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Thread: Sika/Red Hybrids - Scrawny head!

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    Sika/Red Hybrids - Scrawny head!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Got these fellas on saturday, one a good sized 'red' body and colouring, est 2 yr old, sika forehead markings with a red 'bonnet' and the most tiny near black antlers you have ever seen, no thicker than my index finger, absolutely ridiculous looking animal! Even stranger was the noise he made as he tried to make me out through the trees (i was in the trees he was on the ride) he growled, deep and quite menacing (he was in rut) at me a couple of times before I shot, sounded more like a grizzly than a sikared deer. T'other was still in velvet. We've noticed a distinct change in the animals over the last few years with more and more small heads (especially six point heads) the size of a sika, single spikes, in velvet animals in october and mixed up colouring. (kintyre)
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    I have a few heads like that from hill stalks in argyll. not necessarily sika hybrids, even though I do know there's a few sika about on the ground that we're looking to get rid of to avoid cross-breeding issues - despite it being a very contentious issue.

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    Hi pkl do you any still in velvet as in the pic is there a reason for this cheers jt

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    What do they taste like? Are they like reds or sika or a cross between the two. I only ask as I love sika but am not too keen on red.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TWATEM 270 View Post
    Hi pkl do you any still in velvet as in the pic is there a reason for this cheers jt
    I regularly see velvet stags until mid Sept. but the young spikers or very odd shaped young one's like above and some yearling knobbers are in velvet all through october. last year I had to cull a group of yearling knobbers, all around 20-30kg and in velvet all through to february, at that age they should have been proper spikers or even small 4 pointers, but these must have grouped together after losing the hinds or such, as normally they should have been with their hind and their younger brother/sister calf until cast away the coming spring.

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