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Thread: Deer lift/hoist/skinning rig

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    Deer lift/hoist/skinning rig

    Just looking into building a skinning rig to mount on the back of my ATV and utilise its winch,having never culled a red stag before(hopefully that will change in near future),what height lift should I be looking to achieve??

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    have you seen the one donnington deer management sell, I have one, great bit of kit, I guess its about 9 feet tall which gets a red clear of the ground, for the money, an invaluable piece of kit, I'd highly recommend!

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    \thanks,thats exactly like i am looking to make,may consider buying one instead,especially if i could utilise my winch as well.....

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    give them a call, they'll fabricate it how you want it, so you could ask not to have the winch included.......they are good deer folk who know their stuff!

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