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Thread: My First Roe.

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    My First Roe.

    Having recently collected my newly re-barelled 7-08 I headed out at 5.30 this morning in search of a buck, I walked in the moonlight and headed out to a spot where I had seen a buck recently. The first place I looked was a no show so I continued out onto a stubble field, walking round the edge trying not to crunch the noisy stubble I eventually saw a shape ahead, it was still pretty dark but the dawn was coming and I sat down and waited, sure enough it was a deer, a doe, then I saw another, and another, five in total. Two does and this years offspring. I waited to see if a buck would show, the five deer happily fed in front of me for half an hour or so, the dawn broke and I could clearly see them as they got closer and closer. I was now stuck as there was no way I could move on without sending them barking towards where I might find a buck, eventually one came within 15yds of me and picked up my scent, that was that, off they all went in just the direction I didn't want them to go. I got up and followed them suddenly realising just how cold I had got while sitting on the wet grass for half an hour.

    I carried on to a spot where I often see deer, sure enough there was one of the does and her kids, then a buck joined them, they were still wary and despite my best efforts they were always moving further and further away. The grass was too long to get a nice steady shot and at 200yds I wasn't going to take it, I watched them for 5 mins as they slowly made their way into the wood. A mile or so further on I rounded a corner and immediately saw a pair of deer, one of which was a nice 6 pointer that I had seen regularly this year, (I had expected to see them in the next field ) I ducked down and crawled towards them loosing sight as I made my way along the woodland edge. When I reached a small rise and looked over they had gone. So that was that, I walked home and went to work.

    When I got home I decided to pop out to the field where I had seen the 6 pointer, it was about 7:00. Sure enough there he was! But not at the edge, right in the middle of the field, there was a doe near him. I had to crawl on my belly to get to a point where I could get a proper look at him, i watched him through the bino's for a while, he was about 150yds away, ideally I would have liked to be closer. Then he disappeared into a small dip in the field, now was my chance to move forward, just as I prepared to move I saw something in the corner of my eye, another doe about 30yds to my right. So I couldn't move. I waited a while and eventually he appeared again, not closer but where he had been before. I steadied myself and sat with the cross hairs on him waiting for him to hive me a shot, it took a while and he was slowly making his way back towards the top of a rise, not a safe shot if he got to the top. So when he offered a quartering shot I took it, he dropped on the spot, didn't even kick.

    The bullet went in through the shoulder and took out the all the pipes on top of the heart as well as some lung and nicked the liver on the way out, Federal fusion 140gn at 145 yds.Click image for larger version. 

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    Just had liver and onions for tea, Tired now.

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    Nice one mate


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    Good read and a nice Buck.
    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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    Nice write up and a cracking buck.

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    Looks a beauty. Well done.

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    Very nice buck there pal cracking read well done. Remmy.

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    Nice post and very nice buck well done


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    Great little speil there buddy and cracking looking animal, well done

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    well done on a cracking looking buck

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