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Thread: first boar for both in germay

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    first boar for both in germay

    I would like to start by saying thankyou to holland and holland on here for a trip to germany that we will never forget.

    DAY 1

    On wednesday morning me and my father made the long drive from england round to germany for four nights wild boar shooting under the moon with Ruud (holland and holland) on his lease.
    After the long drive we arrived at the house which they have in the village in the middle of their land to be met by ruud and his story of the boar that he shot the night before which made us more excited to get the car unloaded and get out.
    After dinner we got our stuff ready and were driven to the highseats in which we would be spending a few hours under the light of the moon. I was sat in a low seat over looking a feed station in the bottom of the valley next to a stream and my dad sat in a highseat in the middle of a couple of large fields that the boar cross alot with ruud sitting in a mobile seat next to the maize that the boar had been damaging.
    After being in the seat for a little while I herd two loud bangs from up the valley and after a text found that ruud had shot a roe doe and kid but only mins later I had two roe bucks come out on to the feed station only 20 yards in front of me after watching these for ages and taking loads of photo some of which are only five yards from me they fed back in.

    Then right on dark I saw something move on the feed station so up with the leicas to see the roe back out when all of a sudden they shot of like rockets, now thinking that was odd I saw a very lagre black animal step out on the feed and in a blink 41 other animals came down the bank and started feeding.
    now my heart started going like mad as not knowing if I could get the gun up before they had eaten all the food or without making a noise but I managed to get the gun out the window then had to decide on which one I could shoot which is not easy when you have that many boar infront but what seemed like forever I saw a mid sized one so placed the cross on its chest and squeezed the trigger
    with the loud bang and a flash from the gun the ride was empty and I had to wait for my eyes to work again after a couple of seconds I looked back to the feed and no boar to be seen so I texted ruud to say I think I had one and he said to sit still until he got there.
    After a long twenty mins I saw the lights of the truck coming and got out the seat and told ruud what had happened and we walked up to where the boar had been standing and soon found loads of blood and a good blood trail so with a torch each we followed the blood into the trees and brambles after only twenty yards I said to ruud I could smell something and he said there it is under that tree, after a hand shake and a look at my first wild boar Ruud said for me to drag it back up the hill and he would get the truck (I will remember that in scotland ).
    After the pull up the hill we did more hand shaking and thanks plus all the bits that go with it in germany and I got blooded, we loaded it on the back of the truck and went to pick dad up then back to the house for a beer or three.

    DAY 2

    On the second day we decide dad would sit in the same seat as the night before a I would sit in one hoping to get a badger but after five or six hours we decide to give up for the night with me only seeing a wild cat and dad seeing a few boar out of range and winding him before they got in range so with no joy it was beer time again oh and a cup of tea lol.

    DAY 3

    Day 3 saw ruuds dad and mum turn up to joint in with all the fun.
    After going around and doing the feeding round in the morning and seeing damage done to one of the fields near to where dad had sat the night before we decided for me to sit in the highseat and dad to sit 400 yards behind me over looking the damage.
    after only being dark for half hour I saw something coming out of the trees and on looking with the leicas I could see a lagre sow and about twenty plus boar behind her so I lifted the gun and stared to wait for them to get in to range, they started to move up the side of the forest toward me when there was a lot of noise behind them down the field so I swung the gun round and saw another group of boar all about two years old making their way towards the others.
    The next thing that happened was amazing to watch the big sow at the front of the first group turned around and run at the second group hitting one of the smaller boar and then they all started fighting and running around like idiots for a min or two then the lead sow rounded up the others in her group and went back into the forest, just leaving the others out and they decided to walk the other way

    After all that had happened I sat back down and waited to see if anymore would appear after a couple of hours I could hear a sound like pigglets coming with my elec ear muffs on so looked out the front window of the highseat to see a sow 2 pigglets and 2 more only ten yards from the highseat on trying to get the gun out the window I couldnt get it tilted down enough so pulled the gun back in and put out the next window hoping they would walk that way but they decide to stay behind the corner of the highseat and not offer a shot and in the end went back in to the forest.
    About another hour past when I was made to jump by a loud bang from up the field and with a loud slap I knew my dad had hit something with the 308 and waiting for the phone call.
    After a while ruud came to pick me up and told me that dad had shot at a boar but it had run back into the trees and we would have to look for it in the morning so it was back for a beer and dads cup of tea .


    This was to be the last whole day of our trip to germany and we was up at first light to go and look for the shot boar from the night before.
    Ruud took a dog that he was looking after a small munsterlander and we looked for a while but with no joy so ruud phoned the german dog tracking man and ask for him to come and help but he had two other boar to look for first so would be a while so it was back for a tea.
    The tracking man arrived and we were off to see if he could find it. On arriving at the field were the shot was taken he started to get all his gear ready and got his two dogs out one a hannovarian and one a boar terrier, we asked him what he had two dogs for and he said the little one protected the other lol.

    He put both on leads and headed for the shot area and dropped the leads for the dogs to just pull behind, after seconds the hanno took a line and went in to the trees but after a while the dog man came back out and tried going the other way when the dog went back in the trees and it stopped to let us know it had found blood and lots of it and after and short while it found the boar lying dead with a good shoulder shot but had still run 60 yards.
    After the hand shaking and branch giving they pulled it out to the field with the little dog hanging on the other end lol.
    We got back home and hung the boar in the fridge and waited for the night to come to go back out.

    With the amount of boar I had seen the night before I sat in the same seat but this time with ruud at the other end of the field and dad sat over a feed station where the boar had hit the night before.
    Not long after dark the first boar came out but went between me and ruud out of range and carried on down to another feed station.

    A little while later after watch roe out feeding a single boar came out and started coming my way but at 146 yards decide to walk back
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    At half 11 Ruud decide to call it a night and I stayed on with hope and after half hour more boar came about 15 this time and started to cross at 170 yards they soon went over the hill and out off sight, In the next hour four or five more groups went the same way and not offering a shot but was great to see so many boar all in one evening and by the time dad and rob came to get me I was sat watching 15 roe out feeding in front of me.
    And after they had picked me up is was back to the house for a beer.

    After a good nights sleep and a good breakfast it was time to pack the car with two boar and far too much kit for the time we were there and say our good byes and drive the long trip home.

    I would like to say a big thanks to Ruud and his mum and dad for making it a trip that both of us will never forget and for helping us get our first wild boar.
    Look forward to seeing you in scotland soon



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    Will add photo s when can get off i phone lol

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    Sounds like you and your father had a fantastic time away, well done on your first German boar. Great write up too.

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    It was a pleasure having you and youre dad over. You both got youre wild boar, one uberlaufer keiler and a uberlaufer sow. Both very fat and big (63 and 49 kilo's gutted). The amount of animals we saw was amazing, between 20-80 a night. You might have shot more boar if you guys were more like cowboys, but it shows respect for the quarry to wait and try to go for the better and responsible shot (even if you never shot a boar). If the boar then walk off in the other direction it is though luck. I always take my hat of for that, and that kind of behaviour gets you new invites. So all wel done !
    I include some pictures of two happy hunters.Attachment 19900Attachment 19901
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    exellent ,you had a cracking time cant wait for the pictures,atb wayne
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    Well done guys glad you had a good time, Dunc I hope you dont find too steep a hill for Ruud to drag a Sika up

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    In hindsight it would have been smarter for me to give him a hand getting the boar up the hill. But when you shot youre first boar ever i think you have to share qualitytime with it together for a short while .
    I have been on some slippery rides last time i went to Scotland with him and he showed no remorse then when i fell and got up and fell etc....

    By the way, one boar wanted a lift back to the cooler, so we chucked him in the back of the car.
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    Enjoyed that, great experiance and memorys.

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    A great trip by the looks of it guys.



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