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Thread: Which 30-06 Rifle under 1000

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    Which 30-06 Rifle under 1000

    I have just sent of my variation for a 30-06, so which rifle for under 1000 would you recommend (excluding scope).

    Thanks in advance

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    Tikka 695 Continental (if you can find one) or Sako 75.


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    Pre-64 Model 70 Winchester - they ARE out there & not as sought after as they are in the US so can be picked up at a good price.

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    Sako 75, Tikka 690 or 695 or Rem Sendero.
    If new then Tikka T3.


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    Agreed - Model 70 Winchester. Pre-64 preferred, but those from the last decade are very good as well.

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    I have a 1936 springfield 03-A3 30-06 given to me by a good pal since deceased as he was too old to stalk anymore.
    With a fixed Kahles 7x56 it shoots 3 into the size of my thumbnail so do not overlook an old BSA CF.
    250 - 300 pounds should be enough for a good used shooting rifle and the scope and mounts should be budgeted at 500 pounds extra.

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    Sako L691 or Tikka M65 you can pick up one of these at a reasonable price and if its not in 30-06 you could get it re-barreled for under a grand.

    P.s.ive just bought a L691 in 30-06.

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    If you want a new rifle, try Voere. Great '98 type action and they'll do you a good trigger and detachable mag. Only downside is that in the UK you have to go through Global Rifle. They will try and fob you off by selling you a package. Don't let them. If they do that refer them to Voere.

    Good luck in your choice!


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    I have a Sako 75 .243 and a Browning XBOLT 30-06, if you can get a Sako 75 and go with that.

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    Tikka T3 or a s/h sako 75 or 85. The Sako A7 is just a smidgeon over 1k from Rakers in Petworth I believe, and it's a very nice rifle.

    I wouldn't take an xbolt if someone paid me - seem to have a few problems and browning's customer service sucks.

    CZ are great rifles.

    Remington have had some bad press but the two people I know who have them rate them highly.

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