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Thread: Aimpoint?

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    I am thinking of one of these for driven boar, hoping to get on target quickly, with both eyes open. Any thouights please ?

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    Buy from a dealer so you don't end up with a fake!

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    In fairness the fakes are easy to spot on the bay.

    Aimpoint is 600 Aimpoint Style is sub 60.

    I have used both types. In truth I'm not sold. Both of the owners swear by them but I'm not sure they add much over iron sights or fibre optic style sights.

    At a recent competition with my scope on 3x I completed a section in half their time.

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    Have had a couple of different Aimpoints on my AR15 (started with the M68 4moa & now have an older x2 2moa model)

    VERY fast at short range target acquisition - which given that they are designed in Sweden as hunting sights says it all really

    I find it easier to use with both eyes open and concentrate on the target

    As my M68 is sitting unused right now I have even thought about using it on the scout mount on my Winchester 94

    As has been said - LOTS of fakes out there to avoid - and why Ebay does not pull such ads is beyond me (unless the 10% rule is their main motivator)

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    Get yourself a Docter, as good as the other stuff, just remember to use a reputable dealer.

    Plus have a look at Yorkshire Johns thread using one for Boar.
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    I have a Aimpoint Micro on my slug gun. Great bit of kit. You must shoot all the red dot sights with both eyes open. Whilst i think Aimpoint is the best, as finnbear said doctor is good so is the Ziess and a few others. Avoid chinky copies. Never have understood how you can spend a couple of thousand on a shooting trip and put some chinky ***** on you gun. What holds true about telescopic sights holds true with red dot sites as well.

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