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Thread: is there a market for deer, fox and rabbit skins?

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    is there a market for deer, fox and rabbit skins?

    or are the buyers/end users swamped with people supplying?

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    A friend sells all sorts of junk on E.Bay.
    Rabbit sculls, sheep sculls,crow heads and wings, animal skins etc.
    Even dead rats and grey squirrels have been sold.


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    There must be but suspect pretty limited. Not many tanneries left - Welcome to the Barrhead Kid Co. Ltd - Deer skin leather/ tweed handbags does sell tanned deer skins that it claims are from local sources. But at 30 for a tanned Roe skin there is probably not a lot of money in it.

    Do Veniards, the fishing fly people still exist? I remember as a boy getting 50p a squirrel tail from them. One Christmas holiday on the next door farm at home I cleaned out all the Grey Squirrels off 500 acres and made about 50 - not bad in 1985/6. Didn't see many greys for a few years. We could get rid of greys if we really wanted to.

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    I do love eBay.
    One man's crap is another man's hobby!

    just looked and there are lots of rabbits and bots of fox on there!

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    Not much money in it as far as I can tell, unless you're getting hundreds of them. I give the odd one to a couple I know who sell them on ebay for 25 (roe hide)... given all the work involved I'm surprised they find it worth it, and even if they did if I charged them it would take all the money out of it.

    Spoke to a guy at a game fair who said he did ok selling all of his to an industrial-sized hide producer.

    I'd say the only real money is in selling antlers for dog chews, or trophy heads to art-deco types

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    Well it used to cost me 25 to get a roe skin done at Bridgewater but now sadly out of buisness. There is another tannery in Devon but more expensive.

    The ones i have had done are at home or have been given away as presents to the landowners were they were shot.


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    I'm a trainee taxidermist and can tell you first hand there IS a market for deer, rabbit and fox as well as squirrel, mink, stoat, etc.
    If you look on Ebay you can see frozen specimens offered and they are always snapped up by folks like me.

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    Took a couple of Fallow into my local game dealer last week and he told me the skins were going to a lad down south that makes kettle drums!

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    A guy asked me to provide him some for fly tying maybe a market there just never followed it through

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    I found a market for fox and deer pelts last week, they can't get enough of them.


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