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Thread: Gun Stock (homemade)

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    Gun Stock (homemade)

    Anyone have any links to a good website for a step by step instruction on making my own rifle stock.

    i have some time to kill, plenty of machines / tools and thought it would make an interesting project.

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    Hi Xim,

    I restocked my Remington 700 VSSF in Tiger Maple, based on a beefed up Sako 75 delux stock. If you're interested, I can PM you with details of how I aproached it. If anyone else is interested, I can post it on the forum.

    I'll try to post a picture for you.

    What style of stock are you thinking of making, and what wood? You can buy blanks in many stages of construction, from fully shaped blanks just needing chequering and finishing, through to plain planks of wood. Personally, I think that if you're going to put the effort in to make your own stock, you're better starting from scratch with a plain blank. The finished article will be all your own work.


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    Clyde Bakers Modern Gunsmithing is an excellent all round book on gunsmithing. I got mine 12 years ago and used it to guide me through building a couple of stocks - have a look on Amazon.

    It is not that difficult a task provided you a) don't rush it and b) get youself the best quality carving chisels (Robert Sorby) and c) learn how to keep them really sharp.

    I got my blanks from Don Robinson at

    Heym SR20

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    Have a look at - some quite good guides to refinishing stocks and also glass bedding.

    If you are starting with a pure blank - ie no shping or inletting has been done proceed as follows:

    1) Assuming that you have decided roughly what your finished stock will be like, length of forend etc height of comb etc, make an outline template of your stock - all ow at least 1/4 if not 1/2 inch all round extra.

    2) Square up your blank ie top surface and sides are flat and square to each other.

    3) Cut out your blank to the above template.

    4) Mark a line for the centre line of the stock - ie the centre line of the barrel action etc. - if you are having a cheek piece offset this to one side.

    5) Lamp black is the key to inletting - take a smoky flame and wave it over the surface to be inletted - press it against the stock - where it contacts are the high points. Take a sharp chisel and scrape away the black. Lamp black again and repeat until you have complete contact and component is let in.

    6) Chisels and gouges - key tools - and must be very sharp so that you can cut across the grain without tearing. Best way I know of getting them really sharp once you have used oil stone etc is peice of leather and jewellers rouge - I have a oiece of leather glued to a board and strop the edge till you can shave hairs. If you look at the edge in the light and it reflects - still not sharp enough.

    7) Take the bottom metal - trigger guard etc. And if you have the old stock make a template of theold mortice where the guard was inlet.

    Lay this template out on the stock centering the screw holes on the guard with the centre line. Mark the centres of the screw holes. Ten sccribe around the edge of the template.

    Let in the trigger guard using Lamp black and chisels - cut from the outside towards the middle and take your time.

    May be worth practising this on a piece of pine first rather than expensive lump of walnut.

    8) Once floor plate is let in to with 1/8 inch of its final depth the fun starts. The next step is to pull the barreled action down towards the guard. May be worth removing the trigger mechanism first.

    Rather than using the expensive action screws get two pieces of threaded rod about foot long and couple of wing nuts and washers of the same thread as the action screws. Most Europea actions will probably have metric threads, American will have imperial.

    9) From the screw holes on the floor plate drill two holes absolutely square upwards through the stock - best to drill a small pilot whole first. Tese holes will mate up with the holes on the bottom of the action.

    10) Then place in the trigger guard - run the threaded rod through the stock - black the bottom of the action or magazine box, just nip up the wing nuts and you will have an imprint of the bottom of te action. Remove hte action,

    Shave off the high spots and repeat until the action and barrel is down to its proper depth.

    11) Around the magazine box by all means use a large drill bit to take out some of the wood, but I would use a hand brace, rather than power tools and do it slowly.

    12) Once action and floor plates are inletted then you can let in the trigger mechanism plus cutouts for bolt handle - again using lamp black.

    Now that the barreled action is inlet you can decide if you want to pillar and glass bed to to really stabalise the action.

    Then follow the instructions above.

    It is very therapeutic to build a stock, andthe key is to take your time. Don't try to rush it and don't try to do it if you are frazzled - you will just make a mistake.

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