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Thread: Weather sites for stalkers

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    Thumbs up Weather sites for stalkers


    Metcheck is back up again & providing (in my view) the best weather forecasting for stalkers.

    The layout is excellent and offers all local data you could require (including cloud cover %) in a site that loads quickly.

    If you have not seen it - have a look! It is book-marked on my phone & gets consulted regularly. The detailed forecasts seem to be particularly accurate & it is great knowing at what time rain is due to arrive - We Moved It!

    The site has been down since the UK organiser was jailed for offences against children.... .. fortunately, the company have found a replacement and it seems like business as normal!
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    how you doing?
    the ones we use are:

    XC Weather, this one is excellent for wind charts this one is live rain radar


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    Hi Ianf,
    Thanks for your post. I use – Været for Norge og verden fra NRK og Meteorologisk institutt its also very good you can see an hour by hour weather chart etc.


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    Raintoday is absolutely excellent, very accurate indispensible for us cyclist saves me hassle of getting my wet gear on. Yesterday afternoon was spot on for the evening commute and then lamping session.


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    This is what I use, really aimed at hill walkers but provides a good information servis (providing they cover your area)


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    And for when thing get intresting.

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    I find very good too
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    weather pro is also very good its an app for iphone the upgraded version gives hour by hour and has proved to be very accurate.
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    don't know what all the fuss is about, get a weather stone

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by pierred View Post
    weather pro is also very good its an app for iphone the upgraded version gives hour by hour and has proved to be very accurate.
    Seconded. Has a radar tab too so you can track the cloud cover coming in, and a satellite tab to track the same in better detail!

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