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Thread: My second Buck

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    My second Buck

    I recieved a very kind invitation to a friends ground for the chance of a Roe Buck which meant an early start in the morning. I prepared everything that night and after a broken sleep (waking up and checking the time, making sure I hadn't slept in, on several occasions)I got up at 4.00am.
    It was blowing a gale and chucking it down and I feared I might receive a text calling it off as I hurriedly ate breakfast.
    Driving as quickly as the hazardous road conditions allowed I eventually reached our agreed meeting point. It was still pitch black when I met up with my mate and after a short journey we were at his stalking ground. A brief walk, stumbling through the dark, and we were in the highseat.
    We awaited first light, talking in hushed voices, slowly starting to make things out as it got lighter. As the anticipation and my heart rate rose the wind dropped and it stopped raining.
    Suddenly a Buck was spotted away up at the other end of the ride - if only we had been in the other highseat! but after a short while my mate whispered "there's a Buck coming out to your right, between those trees, get ready!!" I turned round, put my rifle up and got ready to take the shot when the Buck stepped out into the clearing, as it did my mate shouted (although I think it was a BAA!!) to stop it and I took the shot, the buck then ran off into the bushes, we had both seen the bullet strike so new the shot was good.
    After waiting a while we both climbed down from the highseat and went off to find my Buck .After a brief search we found him in thick undergrowth about twenty yards from where he had been shot, he was a beautiful beast. I looked at the time, all this had happened and it was still only 8.00am. What a morning!

    I would like to thank my friend for that amazing morning and for an unforgettable experience.Attachment 19914
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    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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    Well done to you CT keep 'em comin'


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    Nice one mate


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    Congrats! I'm only on my second buck as well, may we shoot many more

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    Nice one CT congratulations mate


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    Well done, good account and there will be a few on the site who clock watch and have been through broken sleeps etc,


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    Hi Neal.
    it was a great morning mate shame about the rain lol, will get you out soon before the bucks finish, the look on your face when I told you a buck was coming out was nuts, well done again Neal on getting your second buck pal . Remmy.

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