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Thread: Bullet Make And Weight Advice

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    Bullet Make And Weight Advice

    I have just purchased a Steyr mannlicher Pro Hunter Mountain mk11 in 308.

    Can anybody that owns or has owned one of these please give any advice on loads and bullet weight that they feel favoured their rifle and worked well for them. Its fitted with a T8 sound mod

    I was previously unhappy with my Remmie 700 in 243 as was using Federal 100 grain Powershock yet despite severe heart lung damage evidence in the gralloch and all were exiting i was still having a lot of runners.

    Im using it mainly for Sika and Fallow

    Any advice apart from sell the rifle would be greatly appreciated


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    im using 120gr sp loads out of my .308 but you may find these a little light for the sikka and fallow (to be honest i dont know because i dont stalk them) and im really happy with them for use on roe as well as fox they are homloads tho and i dont know how they will fly out of your mannlicher.

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    I'm also looking at the pro-hunter mountain in .308 as a future rifle. Did you go for the black finish, or did you manage to get one in stainless? I notice a stainless version on the Steyr website, but the Sportsmans Gun Centre only advertise them in the black finish.

    Do you have a picture with the T8 fitted? I would be interested to know how it groups.



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    Hi Mac

    Living in Poole i went to Forward Diving who have a small firearms shop.
    I went for the Steyr as was given a great deal on my old remmie..
    Personally i have no experience of Steyr and as i was unhappy with the fit of the T8 bush to barrel i have dropped the rifle to Lambert & Wiltshire Ringwood who are going to machine a new one tomorrow morning. Sorry no pics as they have the rifle.
    I have to say it does look a nice outfit with the Docter 8x56 scope.
    I am hoping to get out with Sako85 tomorrow and site it in then poss off for the evening together on his permission.
    Forward Diving have a stainless one in stock but i cant remember the calibre
    I will let you now how it groups and what deal keith has on the stainless rifle

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    I don't have a steyer, but the 308 isn't that fussy.
    Try out a few factory 150 grainers. Simple soft points work extremly well in the 308. The federal fusion have a great bullet build which performed really well on sika and fallow. My first batch grouped 1" at 200m and the second batch 1.5" at 100. You could be lucky.
    Remington 150gr SP shot 1.5" without mod and .5" with, just flattened fallow.


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    I use 125gr Ballistic Tips in my 308, If I can get them I use Factory RG 308's pull the heads and reseat 125gr BT's

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    Thanks for your help and suggestions guys

    Hi Mac,

    Sorry its not a 308.
    Forward Diving have a Stainless Steyr in 7mm 08 with 8x56 Schmidt and choice of mod for 1150.00
    01202 677128


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    Pheasant Sniper, I would think about something along the lines of a 150gr ballistic tip for the 308, Fallow aren't hard to kill, but Sika will run unless hit hard.

    That looks like a great deal on the 7/08.

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    do the people that use the ballistic tips not find that the meat damage is massive ? its for this reason that i never even tried them in my .308 or was i wrong to dismiss them

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    I use 150 gr Nosler BT's on everything from muntjac to red and have never experienced excessive meat damage.


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